Miracle as newborn baby buried alive for 7 hours survives

Miracle as newborn baby buried alive for 7 hours survives

After spending seven hours trapped under a pit, officers found the newborn baby buried alive with her umbilical cord still attached. Amazingly, she survived.

It gives us hope to hear of babies surviving the most extreme circumstances. In Brazil recently, police officers rescued a newborn baby buried alive for seven hours!

According to reports, a 15-year-old gave birth to the baby girl, and then buried her in their backyard soon after. Why did she do it, and how did the newborn manage to survive?

The Newborn Baby Buried Alive Managed to Survive

newborn baby buried alive

The newborn was rescued and managed to survive after being buried alive for seven hours.

Police dug up the newborn in Xingu National Park in Mato Grosso. The area is home to numerous indigenous tribes, including the Kamayura, which the child’s mother belongs to.

The child’s family said that they thought the newborn was dead because the baby had hit her head on the floor after being born. However, police are suspicious since the child’s father refuses to recognise the newborn as his child, and the child’s mother is very young.

Authorities believe that the family deliberately tried to kill the newborn. Police have the child’s mother and great-grandmother in detention.

Currently, the newborn is in the neonatal intensive care unit at the Boa Agua Hospital. Doctors found that she had hypothermia as well as respiratory problems. She is currently under the care of the state.

Why Do Some Mums Abandon Their Newborns?

It is quite alarming to hear an increase in the number of cases of children who are being abandoned by their own parents.

One of the main reasons is that some pregnant mums find it hard to tell their families that they’re pregnant. Fathers also sometimes abandon the mothers, leaving them incapable of taking care of the child on their own.

Sometimes, the problem can also be cultural, as some societies frown upon adoption and being pregnant out of wedlock.

Whatever the circumstance, it’s important for everyone to provide nonjudgmental support to all mums. Being a mum isn’t easy, and it’s much harder if you feel that you’re all alone in the world.

Pregnant mums in Singapore who are struggling can reach out to the following organizations:

Aware – 6779 7137

Help Family Service Center – 6457 5188 

PPIS – 6744 0258

Hopefully, in the future, we will see fewer stories of children being abandoned, and more stories of mums who have managed to raise amazing children, despite having difficulties in life.

Source: Euronews

Photo: Twitter

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