Wedding bells for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

Wedding bells for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

The cute couple is on its way to becoming the new Royal Couple. No pressure on them, but just imagine how cute their kids are going to be!

What a day!  Actress and humanitarian, Meghan Markle, finally finds a groom that 'suits' her. And, it is a Prince Charming in the actual sense of words! Prince Charles announced the wedding that will take place in 2018, and it is breaking the internet! And why not, this is the new Royal couple, but with a difference. After the wedding, Meghan would be the first non-white Royalty, something 2017 needed with all the ups and downs!

The new royal couple

The world follows the English Royalty. The part of the charm is the weddings. Throughout the history, there have been very few 'queens' that originated from the United Kingdom. According to unofficial royalty, a website that chronicles the native monarchy, there are probably only 10 native-born consorts in the UK. 

American women have been marrying into royalty the world over - Switzerland, Monaco, the Middle East, and even the Far East. However, only Wallis Simpson came close to becoming English Royalty when she married King Edward VIII of England. However, marring a divorcée was too much for the Royalty then, and he had to abdicate the throne in order to marry her. So with this wedding, Meghan Markle would be the first American woman to be a royalty. Not only this, she would also be the first Roman Catholic to become so, after the changes in the rules regarding Royal weddings. 

Meghan and Harry

The couple has been dating for some time now. However, it was a hush-hush affair. And now, after announcing the secret engagement, Prince Harry is happy that he has received her parents' approval. They were first seen publicly at the Invictus games and this sparkled some rage and hate in the media.

However, Prince Harry was quick to come to Ms Markle's rescue and urged the public and the media to let her be. And soon, the hate was replaced by love from fans from all over the world. 

Public reaction to the announcement

People are happy that the couple is ready to tie the knot. Social networking sites are trending with the news.

The official twitter account for the Kensington Palace released this today

To which, the Royal Family handle replied

Responses are pouring in from everywhere. People are coming out in support of the union, mostly praising the decision. 

What can we expect from the new Royal couple?

A thing that changed after Lady Diana's time was that Royals became more involved in the day-to-day affairs of the proletariat. And Prince Harry has been participating actively in various causes along with Prince William and Kate Middleton. Meghan has her own activism going on, so I believe she will fit right in! 

So I believe that of all the news that I have heard and read in 2017, this gives me hope for the future of the world. 

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Written by

Anay Bhalerao

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