6 Darling facts you didn't know about Princess Charlotte

6 Darling facts you didn't know about Princess Charlotte

Facts About Princess Charlotte including her fave colour, her fave animal and best of all, her favourite activity (omg, it's so cute)

We love Kate Middleton for her down-to-earth and solid parenting method, despite being Royalty. Who do we love even more? Why her adorable little girl, Charlotte (George, we love you too!). That why we thought of bringing you these fun facts about Princess Charlotte that you never knew about… until now!

Fun Facts About Princess Charlotte

1. Her favourite colour

fun facts about princess charlotte

Screenshot from Hello Fashion Magazine

Earlier this week, Duchess Kate was at the Hornsey Road Children’s Centre, which provides family support and other services, when she got to chatting with Nevaeh, 6, about favourite colours.

When Nevaeh said that pink was her favourite colour, the Duchess shared that Charlotte’s favourite colour was the same!

We think it might be the Duchess’s favourite colour too!

2. Her favourite animal

Like many girls her age, Princess Charlotte has many favourite animals! Besides loving horses, she is also enamoured with the Cambridge family’s English cocker spaniel and has a special fondness for their hamster, Marvin because of his ticklish whiskers.

3. Her favourite activity

facts about princess charlotte

Screenshot from the Daily Mail

Omg this is so adorable: Charlotte’s favourite activity is playing with balloons! When they were at a party for military families in British Columbia, Charlotte ran straight for the balloon-arch and wrapped her arms around it. Her delight increased even more when the balloon-maker handed her a teddy-bear shaped balloon.

Apparently, William and Charlotte tried making their own balloons at home later on which we think is pretty darned cute too!

4. What’s the significance of her name?

Each part of the princess’s name, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is significant. Charlotte is in honour of her grandfather, Prince Williams. Elizabeth is, of course, the reigning monarch and the name of her great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother. Finally, Diana is in memory of William’s late mother, the beloved Princess Diana.

5. Is Charlotte still getting some training for her future duties as a royal?

fun facts about princess Charlotte

Screencap from Hello Magazine

As much as William and Kate want their children to grow up as “normal” kids, they still need to get some royal training. With Princess Charlotte, they’re slowly introducing her to her royal role. During the royal family’s visit to Canada earlier this year, she was encouraged to smile and wave at the crowds when she was out with her family and even make a few balcony appearances.

6. Will Princess Charlotte ever be Queen Charlotte?

Although it’s possible for Princess Charlotte to one day take the throne, it’s highly unlikely. She’s currently fourth in line preceded by Prince Charles, Prince William and her brother George.

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about Princess Charlotte and learned something new about the soon to be big-sis!

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