A new mum's supportive friend: From pregnancy to delivery

A new mum's supportive friend: From pregnancy to delivery

The dedication and support of your maternity hospital can make your pregnancy experience an exceptional one…

A mother’s newfound joy begins when a new life starts; when she hears the tiny heartbeat for the first time, and a sudden kick reminds her that someone is growing inside her.

Every pregnancy journey is different, but in many ways, pregnant mums hope for the same things such as health and safety of their unborn child, along with support during her new chapter.

A partner’s support and involvement in the pregnancy journey gives pregnant mums the confidence and assurance that both are together riding the new milestone.

From the choice of food a pregnant mum eats, the selection of a maternity hospital to caring for a new baby, more often than not, it takes two.

One month old Bethany. Image Credit: Mdm Tan Kee

Bethany, who was born at Thomson Medical Centre, at one month old. Image Credit: Mdm Tan Kee Tze

Preparing the parents-to-be

New parents are mostly a bundle of nerves with a myriad of questions that fill their minds.

“What should we do during labour?”

“How do we bathe a fragile newborn?”

“Who can I look for if I encounter breastfeeding problems?”

How can new parents be better prepared for their baby’s arrival? Find out where new parents can get support and tips.

A happy experience

New mum, Mdm. Tan Kee Tze, 33, who recently delivered her baby at Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) shares her pregnancy and delivery anecdotes.

As first-time parents, childbirth classes (or antenatal classes) proved to offer practical knowledge so they could be better prepared for their new baby. She shares her experience with Mrs. Wong Boh Boi, a Senior Lactation Consultant at Thomson ParentCraft Centre, who helms these Childbirth classes.

“Mrs. Wong’s classes were very helpful as they covered important topics, from how to cope during labour, to caring for my newborn. She shared a lot of tips/personal experiences gathered over the years. She was always giving her undivided attention to answer the questions from soon-to-be parents.”

Proud parents with the newest addition to their young family. Image credit: Mdm Tan Kee

Proud parents with the newest addition to their young family. Image credit: Mdm Tan Kee Tze

Through these classes, Mdm Tan’s husband realised the importance of his role in the delivery ward, and how he could assist his wife during labour. Mdm Tan appreciates the practical lessons where daddy learned how to carry, bathe and swaddle a baby, under Mrs. Wong’s patient guidance.

From her exceptional experience with Mrs. Wong, as well as positive comments from friends who have delivered at TMC, Mdm. Tan decided to make this hospital her choice for delivery.

Mdm. Tan shared, “I also like the fact that TMC provides holistic services from Obstetrics to Gynaecology and Paediatrics, all conveniently located in the same premises.”

In fact, it was the little touches of this integrated hospital such as a pharmacy well-stocked with necessities for mothers, and the warm and cosy ambience of the hospital that she experienced at every visit to her gynaecologist that tipped the scales.

The dedicated medical team at the maternity hospital plays a pivotal supporting role in a pregnant mum’s journey. Find out what this new mum has to say about her experience.

The importance of support during child delivery

Although she underwent a long and tiring labour (going through three shifts of midwives and nurses), Mdm. Tan was thankful for the encouragement and care during those anxious times before her baby’s arrival. In fact, she had only praises for the team.

“I must say that all of them were professional and there was proper handover of my case to the next shift. Being a first-time mum, I was nervous, but the midwives were cheerful and assuring, and that really helped to ease my nervousness,” she reminisced.

It’s little wonder that Thomson Medical Centre refers to their professional and experienced team as ‘Thomson Angels’ – the very heart of the hospital which beats from the inside out.

The team at Thomson Medical Centre is

The wonderful team at Thomson Medical Centre made sure that Mdm Tan was well taken care of at the time of little Bethany’s arrival. Image Credit: Mdm Tan Kee Tze

The challenging delivery had Mdm. Tan feeling grateful to her gynaecologist, Dr. Benjamin Tham, whose clinic is located within the hospital.

“Working together with the midwives and nurses, Dr. Tham was able to deliver my baby confidently and safely,” she shared.

And after welcoming her baby girl, she was soon ushered to her ward with her new baby.

Mdm. Tan added, “I was impressed that TMC was able to guarantee a ward for me upon delivery. Not much waiting time at all.”

The swift arrangements for a new mother makes a difference as this would allow her to rest promptly after the life-changing experience of delivering a baby.

The delivery experience for this first-time mum was undoubtedly a positive and happy memory, which will definitely make a heartening story to share with her daughter in time to come.

Welcoming a new baby can be exciting and trying for new parents. How can new mums get support from experts during times of distress?

Post-partum experience

Food served at a hospital tends to have a less-than-positive reputation, but Mdm. Tan was all compliments for the confinement food that she had during her stay.

Mdm. Tan divulged, “Friends who have delivered at TMC commented that their confinement food such as the green papaya soup was appetising. I liked it myself and ordered a few servings just before discharging!”

This nourishing soup is part of the Soup-for-Moms Programme that TMC offers to new mothers. Each traditional Asian recipe is specially prepared with dietary expert advice from Mrs. Wong.

The fish and papaya soup is only one of the dishes from the extensive confinement menu at Thomson Medical Centre. Image Credit: Thomson Medical Centre

The fish and papaya soup is only one of the dishes from the extensive confinement menu at Thomson Medical Centre. Image Credit: Thomson Medical Centre

Soups are double-boiled individually using fresh ingredients, as the hospital believes in serving only the best nutrients to new mums.

As if the frenzy of being a new mother is not already a mean feat, new challenges beckon soon after delivery. One of the most common issues is breastfeeding.

During Mdm. Tan’s stay at TMC, a lactation expert visited her and her baby to offer professional guidance on breastfeeding. This helped her to effectively kick start their breastfeeding journey. While she was not spared from mastitis and frequent blocked ducts subsequently, she appreciated that the team at ParentCraft was just a phone call away to advise and encourage her during those frustrating episodes.

In addition to such dedicated support for new mothers, Mdm. Tan likes the fact that her daughter’s Paediatrician, Dr Ang Ai Tin, practises at the Thomson Paediatric Centre. This makes it convenient for the family to head to just one place for baby’s vaccinations or if she needed to visit the lactation experts, without the hassle of travelling to several places.

Pregnant mums, what do you look for in a delivery hospital? Do share with us in the Comment Box below!

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