PMS real sufferers are men, says Got Milk?

PMS real sufferers are men, says Got Milk?

The Got Milk? brand brings us yet another humorous campaign. This time round, they claim men are the real victims of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). They are targeting men of all ages to buy and encourage the women in their lives to drink milk which will help alleviate PMS symptoms.

Sacramento (California) – The Got Milk? people is at it again with their signature brand of humor in the latest campaign that has set the international public abuzz.  This time round, the campaign is targeted at mainly men.  The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) asked the fundamental question which, most men believe in: ‘Are you a man living with PMS?’

The advertising campaign aptly titled ‘Everything I do is wrong’ aims to highlight the strain that pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) places on the relationships between couples.  It encourages men to buy milk for the ladies in their lives as studies have shown that dairy milk can help reduce PMS symptoms by as much as 50 percent.  A majority of women who consumed 1200mg of calcium a day for three months reported being less irritable, weepy, depressed, and experienced fewer backaches, cramping and bloating.

"We hope that this campaign, through its message and humor, would empower both men and women to talk about this topic more openly and to take action by learning how to help relieve symptoms by drinking dairy milk," says Steve James, executive director of CMPB.

The humorous has navigation tools which include a "Global PMS Level," an "Emergency Milk Locator," and a "Video Apology Enhancer".

The campaign consists of billboard ads and wild postings with men clenching cartons of milk supported by funny quips like, ‘I'm sorry I listened to what you said and NOT what you meant,’ or ‘I apologize for not reading between the RIGHT lines.’  Other social media such as twitter and facebook also supports it, directing all consumers to the Got Milk? microsite;  The site is an interactive PMS site that gives visitors a virtual pulse on PMS. It takes real data from users about what they think about the subject and recalculates the information to produce humorous videos and content that can be shared on the user's personal Facebook and Twitter pages. Navigation tools include a "Global PMS Level," an "Emergency Milk Locator," and a "Video Apology Enhancer" among others.

News of the campaign is catching on in Singapore as well.  theAsianparent asked several women about their thoughts on the campaign and whether they believe men are the real victims of PMS, these were their responses:

‘No. Guys don’t have to bleed half to death each day,’ says Chelsea, a 21-year-old media executive.

‘Not at all, this website and campaign is made for men by men,’ sniggers Jane F.

‘I suppose to an extent, each month, I do get more irritable and take it out on my boyfriend,”says L.M.P, a 31-year-old business consultant.

On the flip side, when asked the same question, all of the men believe they are the real victims.  A 30-year-old man who chose to remain anonymous says, ‘back when I was living with my parents, I was constantly the victim of PMS battles between my mom and my sister.’

Similarly, 22-year-old undergrad, Raj who is the middle child between two sisters, complains: ‘they just keep on shouting at each other and I.  I just don’t know when it will hit me.  When my elder sister finishes, the younger one starts.’

Whether men are the real victims and sufferers of PMS, it remains to be a long-standing debate.  But everyone whom TAP interviewed, all agreed on one thing – the tongue in cheek humor that Got Milk? brings is a refreshing change of view.  The women also grinned and stated that perhaps it would be a good idea for men to learn from it.

So Mums and Dads, share with us your thoughts.  Are men the real victims? Does PMS really put a strain on your relationships?  If you have amusing anecdotes of your wives’ odd PMS behaviors, we want to hear about them too!

Source: Got Milk?

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Wafa Marican

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