Need to talk?

Need to talk?

Is something troubling you? Are you and your wife in a cold war or the World War II and there doesn't seem to be any resolution in sight?

Sometimes you may not know how to resolve a conflict or even understand what is the reason behind your fights. Some common culprits of marriage breakdown are depression, anxiety, relationship breakdown, drug and alcohol abuse, work stress, financial problems, poor body image, or communication difficulties.

It doesn't mean you are crazy or must be in deep marital woes in order to go counselling. In fact, seeking counselling and addressing the issues before they become genuine problems that could not be resolved takes strength and courage, and may even bring you closer together.

Here are some places that offer counselling services.

1. All in the family Counselling

20 Malacca Street
Level 9 Malacca Centre
Raffles PLace MRT
Singapore 048979
Mobile Phone Number: +65 9030 7239

E-mail:[email protected]

2. The Counselling Place    
7500A Beach Road
#04-323 The Plaza (Nicoll Highway MRT)
Singapore 199591
Phone: +65 6887-3695
Fax: +65 6396-0929
E-Mail: [email protected]


3. The Center for Psychology
491B River Valley Road
#04-01, Valley Point
Singapore 248373
Tel: 65.6733.2893, Fax: 65.6733.489

Email: [email protected]

If budget is an issue, here are some non-profit organizations that help promote family unity through an assortment of counselling services and workshops.

1. Fei Yue Counselling Center and Family Service Center ( – Counselling involves a professional helping relationship between a counsellor and a client or family. Through the counselling process, we seek to discover, assess, and understand the issues, problems and concerns  a client or family is experiencing and to explore how we can address them effectively.

This service is available to individuals and families experiencing the following difficulties such as financial difficulties, marital or family conflicts and interpersonal issues or concerns.

2. AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research) – this non-profit provides counselling for individuals, couples, and families. They also run self-development workshops and facilitate group therapy when needed, such as in cases of marital and family discord and domestic violence. It also offers a bi-monthly legal clinic to dispense legal advice for women in need. Call their hotline at 1800 774-5935.

3. Samaritans of Singapore ( – If you are feeling distressed, or know someone who is feeling suicidal, get help immediately. Talk to somebody. Call their hotline 1800-221 4444


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Written by

Sandra Ong

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