Man arrested for wanting to rape, kill and eat young girl

Man arrested for wanting to rape, kill and eat young girl

Thankfully, the man was arrested before he could harm anyone.

As parents, we know how important it is to teach our kids Internet safety rules. But are you aware that there are deep, dark depths to the Net that hold untold horrors and may pose unimaginable risk to our precious kids? We’ve all heard about paedophilia and incest. But what about necrophilia cases? 

They do exist and they are absolutely terrifying, as you are about to learn.

What is Necrophilia?

Necrophilia is defined as having “sexual feelings or activities that involve dead bodies”. It can even involve an obsession with corpses whether not there is actual sexual contact with them.

From having sex with dead bodies, drinking the blood of their victims or even removing their sexual organs and pickled them in Tupperware containers, these horrifying acts are truly shocking. 

Scarily, with the advancement of technology, necrophiliacs are now just a click away from harming innocents, if they wish to. 

Necrophilia Cases: Man Arrested For Wanting To Rape, Kill and Cannibalise A Young Girl

According to The Straits Times, Alexander Barter, a Texan was arrested on Oct 19, 2018, after he posted an advertisement online saying that he wanted to try out necrophilia and cannibalism. 

“I’d like to try necrophilia and cannibalism and see how it feels to take a life,” the 21-year-old’s post read.

It just so happens that the “bizarre ad” caught the attention of one of the sheriff’s deputies, who works with a federal task force.

So begun the investigations when a police officer went undercover. He responded to the post by posing as a father willing to offer his underage daughter to bait Barter.

Barter went all out to ensure that he fulfills his intense necrophiliac desires. 

“I would like to do this ASAP,” Barter told the undercover agent. And he is dead serious about it as he says that he really needs to do something about his “intense bloodlust”. 

21-year-old, Alexander Barter of Joaquin, Texas was arrested after posting an online advertisement seeking to try necrophilia and cannibalism. | Photo: Facebook/Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Florida

Necrophilia cases: should he be called a ghoul?

“I want to actually rape, kill and cannibalise her”

Before accepting the agent’s offer, he warns that he is not into role-playing. “I want to actually rape, kill and cannibalise her,” Barter said.

He even reveals that because he lives in the woods, he can “make sure her body won’t ever be found.”

The officer then travelled to Texas to meet Barter at his home and arrested him. According to a statement from the Sheriff Ivey’s office, Barter was found to have a knife and plastic bags “to take the body parts in” during his arrest. 

Barter himself even thanked the police for preventing him from going ahead with the plan because he was so “committed” to carrying out his planned attack.

He faces charges including criminal solicitation and conspiracy to commit capital murder. But if convicted, he could be facing life in prison.

This incident is yet another warning to young children who might unintentionally fall prey to such situations by scrawling through the Internet.

necrophilia cases

Necrophilia Cases: some may even choose to work near morgues to be in closer contact with corpses

Tips To Protect Your Young Ones From The Dark Web

  • Block Tor (The Onion Router) Browser

What is Tor? It is called an “onion” router because just like an onion, there are multiple layers of security where your data will be routed through, before reaching its final destination. 

It creates a virtual tunnel by encrypting and randomly bouncing communications through relay networks across the globe. This provides anonymity to applications such as web browsing and instant messaging.

If you suspect your child has been using TOR on an unprotected device, search installed apps for ‘TOR’. Remove it instantly if you find it and explain why to your child.

  • Block other in-browser VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions

VPN is essence is a secure tunnel or a connection method between two or more devices. With VPN, one is able to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet. 

  • Have actual conversations with your kids on the dark web. Hone their critical thinking skills and allow them to realise for themselves if it is something they want to explore.
  • Keep track of the sites your young kids are surfing and educate them on the dangers of surfing the Dark Web.
  • Redirect their energy in their interest towards the mysterious Dark Web to something else like coding.
  • Google and check all unknown sites, especially those with unusually long URLs. In doubt, ask a trusted tech-savvy friend or expert for help. You could also search discussion forums which can tell you how to detect suspicious URLs.

Source: The Straits Times, Fox News

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