"Trying to deliver a 4kg baby naturally!" A petite mum's birth story

"Trying to deliver a 4kg baby naturally!" A petite mum's birth story

Mummy Sarah shares her failed attempt to give natural birth to a 4 kg baby boy.

My doctor told me my son is on the larger size for my petite frame and expected him to be around 3.3kg at maximum. To avoid him getting bigger, we agreed to induce him on the 7th of October. I got myself admitted and went through the admission process as well as clearing my bowels. Wow! It was the quickest and smoothest toilet visit I had in my entire pregnancy!

Just before being induced, one of the nurses came into my room and said Wow! This is going to be a 4kg baby! I was stunned! I looked at my hubby and asked him “Am I making a mistake here to go for natural birth?” My hubby was equally stunned about the thought of me birthing a large baby. Before I knew it, I was induced.

So I decided to go ahead with birthing a large baby vaginally without epidural. The pain came in at 8pm. For the 1st 3 hours it was fine but after that it was like all hell broke loose. They wheeled me to the delivery suite and they gave me the laughing gas. Honestly it didn’t help me but made me more exhausted and drowsy.

birthing a large baby

Birthing a large baby vaginally: Could you do it?

The nurse and my doctor came in after 6 hours later and told me I was only 4cm dilated and it would take a while more. My poor hubby was so helpless watching the pain I was going through. I could not even say more to him except telling him that the pain is torturing me. For some reason, at that point I didn’t think of getting an epidural and it is not because I wanted to stay strong. I know I’m not.

The pain was so unbelievable. It’s like a prank that went terribly wrong!

Next thing I realised it was 6 in the morning of 8th October. A nurse came in to check, she said I am about 8cm dilated.. I was relieved and told myself, “Wow! It will be over soon”.

My doctor came about 8am and he checked me again and told me I’m only 5cm dilated! I was like WHAT! How can that be?! The nurse told me I was 8cm and now it decided to close back to 5cm?! I was getting angry, frustrated and exhausted. I felt I couldn’t hold anymore of myself!

To make things worse, one nurse decided to provoke me and said “it’s like this, everyone goes through this!” “this is normal pain”. I was so pissed off and did not appreciate that comment especially when she keeps repeating it to me.

I sat up and looked at her and said “ You, stop talking! I do not care if you have popped 10 children like pop corns before! I am having this child right now and you have no right to tell me how I should feel, please leave this room!”. She left immediately.

My hubby called another nurse to get me an epidural as he felt it was too much for me. I agreed to it after trying for over 11 hours without it.

Epidural! Epidural! What a difference it made! I felt asleep immediately. It was a needed rest though short.

At 11am, my doctor told me I was fully dilated and it’s time to push! My hubby and I were excited. For the next 1 hour I was pushing but nothing! My son is not willing to be born this way.

I was collapsing and words cannot express how I felt at that moment. My hubby and our doctor discussed and decided to go for C-sect instead since I was in labour for more than 15 hours with no progress. My doctor said I could try longer but he is not confident that I could do it naturally.

My hubby came in and sat beside me in the Operating Theatre. I knew he was worried and scared, but he kept his cool for me. My doctor occasionally ask me how I was feeling.

I kept saying I’m okay.. at one point,I saw my hubby was closing his eyes.. I asked him, “are you okay?” And he said my blood is on my doctor’s ‘Phua Chu Kang’s yellow boots’ ! I burst out laughing, but I thanked God my hubby didn’t faint at the sight of blood.

birthing a large baby

Birthing a large baby is not easy for a small mum!

At 1319 hours, we heard my son’s first cry! Tears rolled down both our eyes. We were so grateful that he finally came! It was the moment we had longed! Nothing else mattered the minute my doctor put him on my neck. He was perfect! My teary happy hubby followed the nurse to wheel our son to the nursery to get him cleaned up! Yes, he was a 4kg baby and he was 54cm long!

If you ask me will I try natural birth again, I would say NO! In fact, I am expecting my 2nd son this April and yes, I have booked myself a c-section!

Birth story shared with theAsianparent by mummy, Sarah Haller. theAsianparent would like to remind mums that each birth story is different and there is no one size fits all solution. Please speak to your Doctor for the best birthing plan for your delivery. 

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