Learn, Imagine & Dream at the first-ever Gallery Children’s Biennale

Learn, Imagine & Dream at the first-ever Gallery Children’s Biennale

Step into a kaleidoscope of wonder at Gallery Children’s Biennale and get a truly unforgettable introduction to the world of art.

All parents and children in Singapore look forward to the June holidays — a time when they dream of escaping to exotic destinations to re-charge themselves. This lull, in an otherwise busy life of work and study, affords both parents and children time to bond over creative and adventurous pursuits. These activities not only enable them to imbibe learning of a different kind but also fire up their curiosity and imagination.

If you are looking for such a fun-filled learning adventure that you can experience with your kids, you don’t have to look far. Taking place from now until October 8, National Gallery Singapore proudly presents the first-ever Gallery Children’s Biennale: Dreams and Stories. This unique exhibition was curated for the young and young-at-heart to encourage creative discoveries and, most importantly, to show young visitors how much fun artistic exploration can be!

Be Immersed in the Interactive Exhibitions

Unlike a standard art gallery that requires patrons to keep their distance from the artworks, ‘Gallery Children’s Biennale: Dreams and Stories’ demands participation across ten interactive installations created by local and international artists. These installations can be found in public spaces across the gallery.

Start with Yayoi Kusama’s The Obliteration Room, and revel in your child’s incredulous expression when you hand them a sheet of colourful, polka-dot stickers and tell them that this is the one time where they are not only allowed to use them to decorate the walls and furniture, they are actively encouraged to do so. This installation, designed by one of the leaders of the pop art movement, is so much more than a room full of colourful stickers. By virtue of observing and being involved in the installation's creative process, children and their parents gain the unique perspective of simultaneously being both the viewer and the artist.

Yayoi Kusama The Obliteration Room

Dream, Explore & Create

Share wide-eyed wonder as you and your child navigate through teamLab’s Homogenizing and Transforming World, a labyrinth of giant colourful orbs. With this installation, teamLab sets out to explore how human behaviour has changed in the age of information. Watch the orbs change colour and emit sounds when touched creating an ever-changing borderless landscape.

Learn, Imagine & Dream at the first-ever Gallery Children’s Biennale


Experience looking into infinity at Mark Justiniani’s stunning Firewalk: A Bridge of Embers. The artist, who considers himself a “magic realist”, uses an array of reflective media to distort perception and reality. With Firewalk, he has created a 16-metre long bridge over an archaeological site strewn with the hallmarks of childhood such as toys and books. The altered perception of depth combined with the nostalgia-inducing objects challenge the viewer’s concepts of relative space and time.

Learn, Imagine & Dream at the first-ever Gallery Children’s Biennale


These are just three of the ten installations that make up the interactive segment of the Children's Biennale.

Many Reasons to Return

Admission to the Gallery Children’s Biennale is free for Singaporeans and PRs, so families can return many times over in the coming months and spend quality time together. This is a great way to make sure children have a fully immersive experience. Once they start interacting with the exhibits, they are sure to get immersed into this engaging world.

To gain a better understanding of the installations, join Dreams & Stories: The Dreamcatchers. During these guided tours of the gallery space, you and your family will gain insights into the inspiration behind each installation. 

When: Wednesdays & Saturdays | 24 May–8 Oct | 5pm
Where: Starts from The Tours Desk on Basement 1
Registration: Registration opens 20 min before each tour and limited to 20 spots available on a first come, first served basis.

For two weekends in August, art-lovers will descend on the Civic District for the Civic District Outdoor Festival:  It’s Time!, a precinct-wide outdoor festival featuring light installations, performances and delicious food and beverage offerings

Even More To Explore!

Once a month, the Gallery will be running Family Art Workshops. These workshops, run by artists, encourage the whole family to explore their creative side together so that you can own your masterpieces to bring home.

When: July 9th, August 13th, September 10th  1.30–3pm |

Where: City Hall Wing, Level 1, Keppel Centre for Art Education

Registration: $20 per adult-child pair or $30 per adult-child trio, tickets available here

Learn, Imagine & Dream at the first-ever Gallery Children’s Biennale

Enter the whimsical world of The Blue Who Swims All This Way located in the spacious Project Gallery at The Keppel Centre for Art Education. Hug soft sculptures, climb into giant rocks and observe a shimmering display of colours as you explore The Blue Who Swims All This Way by artist Betty Susiarjo.

Learn, Imagine & Dream at the first-ever Gallery Children’s Biennale
Visit the Gallery Children’s Biennale: Dreams & Stories website for more information and a full listing of the installations.

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