Nasi Lemak flavoured condoms are here to spice up your sex life

Nasi Lemak flavoured condoms are here to spice up your sex life

The company that produces these yummy condoms says it's doing it in the name of spreading awareness about safe sex.

Nasi lemak flavoured condoms? Yes. That’s right. In Malaysia, a condom company is all set to introduce a condom that tastes like the nation’s favourite food – nasi lemak (well, we love it too over here in Singapore, right?)!

The company – Karex, which claims to be the world’s largest condom maker – was inspired by the way the spicy dish is a common favourite of all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion and political views. 

Karex chief executive Goh Miah Kiat reportedly said, “We Malaysians are divided across our political ideas, religion and race. I felt one thing that unites us all (is), ‘Where’s the best nasi lemak place you’ve been?'”

nasi lemak flavoured condoms

What would you prefer? A condom, or the real thing?!

Warm coconut…

The company  took 6 months to carry out tests in order to come up with its nasi lemak  prophylactic. It reportedly smells of coconut and has a coating of warming lubricant. 

It is expected that the new condoms will his the stores by November or December this year. 

Mr Goh insists that this range of condoms was much more than just a marketing gimmick. Instead, it is more about creating more awareness about this form of birth control in the Muslim-majority country.

“For me, it’s about public health, and I want to get the message across to people,” Mr Goh said, reports The Straits Times. 

There are groups of people who discourage the use of contraceptives because of the conservative belief that they promote pre-marital sex. 

According to The Straits Times, during a parliamentary debate earlier this year, a lawmaker from a prominent Islamist party suggested that unmarried couples who have sex should be caned. 

Karex already offers condoms in unique flavours such as grape and even durian!

While the nasi lemak condom will mainly be sold in Malaysia, it should be available in other countries too. 

So, the million dollar question is: Would you try it? Let us know!

Source: The Straits Times, image: screengrab, The Straits Times.

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