N95 mask for kids is actually not suitable for them!

N95 mask for kids is actually not suitable for them!

How suitable are N95 masks for your family members? Find out here.

Most of us are rushing out to get our hands on N95 masks to protect ourselves and loved ones from the recurring haze situation in Singapore, but did you know that the N95 mask for kids is  not certified for your children according to the Ministry of Health (MOH)?

N95 is not suitable for everyone

According to a Today Online report, people who are afflicted with existing breathing problems or a reduced lung capacity should cease using the N95 masks if they feel that it makes breathing hard or uncomfortable. They should also seek advice from a doctor.

Industry use

According to Group Director of the Public Health Group at the MOH, Dr Derrick Heng, the N95 masks are actually made for “industry use”. He said, “On the market, there are these small-sized masks that people have been selling, but these actually have not been certified for use on children … (the) main concern we have is that the masks don’t fit well for children. For older children, whom the masks fit, it may be suitable for use.”

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Check with your doctor about the best mask for your child during the haze

Is the N95 suitable for the elderly?

In the new general health advisory released by MOH regarding the use of the N95 mask, it was noted that:

“[Use of the N95] increases the effort in breathing and may cause discomfort, tiredness or headache. For most people, this is not serious. However, as some elderly people, people with chronic lung disease, heart disease or stroke and women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy may already have reduced lung volumes or breathing issues, they should stop using an N95 mask if they feel uncomfortable. They should consult their doctor as to whether they can use the N95 mask.”

Using the N95 Mask

The N95 is only effective if it is the right fit according to the Head of Occupational Health Department at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Dr Lee Lay Tin. If your’re unsure, do consult your physician before purchasing.

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Felicia Chin

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