6 Major Myths About Hair Removal Are Debunked Here!

6 Major Myths About Hair Removal Are Debunked Here!

Hair removal is one of the main beauty concerns of most women. So it’s best done right. Here are some myths about hair removal, debunked

Though having body hair is fine, some people prefer to have it removed. One of the ways to remove excess body hair is by laser hair removal or waxing.

While waxing may be more affordable and can be done in the home, many prefer the longer lasting effects of laser hair removal.

Though they have been practiced by many women (and men) for years, there are still many misconceptions surrounding these popular beauty procedures.

MYTH 1: Laser hair removal works best if you are close-shaven

Though this may save you time prior to the procedure, this isn’t a requirement for the procedure to be more effective.

In fact, before waxing, beauty experts recommend about 1/8 inch of hair growth.

“It’s surprising how many people think they need to shave before a wax,” Aesthetician Kristen Rogers told the Huffington Post. “The longer the hair, within reason, the smoother of a wax you’ll receive.”


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MYTH 2: Laser hair removal is totally painless

You are bound to experience discomfort during this procedure. It may help to take pain relievers like Ibuprofen prior to treatment.

MYTH 3: It only takes one session to see significant results

It will take more than one laser treatment session before you can see a significant reduction in hair loss.

“Laser hair removal works as a continuous process of removing the hair follicle of the given area over a specific amount of time,” explains Rogers. “The laser works under the skin’s surface to damage the hair follicles and stunt future growth.”

Expect to see results about two weeks after your first treatment.

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MYTH 4: Waxing sticks to your skin to pull hair out

When done right, the process of waxing doesn’t really grab onto your skin but onto the hair, pulling follicles from the roots.

This is the reason why it leaves skin softer than it does after shaving.

photo: wikimedia

photo: wikimedia

MYTH 5: Hair grows back again like it normally does when waxing versus shaving

Actually, hair grows back slower after waxing. This is due to the fact that hair follicles are removed completely after waxing.

Hair does grow back but becomes very patchy. Rogers claims that the best interval would be four to six weeks apart. Each session reduces hair growth by up to 10 to 15 percent.

MYTH 6: Waxing exfoliates your skin so there’s no need to do it after

This is not entirely true. Three days after waxing, Rogers recommends exfoliating using a sugar scrub and salicylic acid to keep pores tight and makes skin less prone to bacteria. It also helps minimise ingrown hairs.

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