The Pregnancy Diary

The Pregnancy Diary

Soon-to-be mum, Charmaine Kong gives her unvarnished take on pregnancy.

Soon-to-be mum, Charmaine Kong gives her unvarnished take on pregnancy.


Hi, my name is Charmaine and I am 28 years-old. I work as a business analyst and am a full-time mummy to Adelynne, my two-year-old daughter. I am also expecting my second child. The EDD is 29th May.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was extremely excited and happy. I immediately shared the news with my hubby, Sam, and subsequently we told our parents. It was a very different feeling this time around, as my first pregnancy was unplanned, and we weren't even married yet! So as you can imagine, I was alot more surprised and much less prepared. This time round however, I prepared for my pregnancy by taking supplements that were prescribed by my gynecologist. I also stopped drinking alcohol, once the pregnancy was confirmed.

Changes and more

So far, my pregnancy experience has been wonderful, if you minus away the morning sickness and occasional irritability. It was very different from my first pregnancy which was not as smooth. In my first pregnancy, I had morning sickness from the second month onward till the sixth month. I also had very bad backaches and difficulty in sleeping towards the end. I also had gained about 17 KG. Where as for now, I sometimes even forget that I am pregnant! No ailments, very little weight gain and no whacked out fears about being a mum. I've also been trying to get a little bit of exercise by brisk walking and swimming.

One of the feelings that I love about being pregnant is feeling my baby kick inside me. I also love how close my husband and I have become, as he is always with me during the pregnancy highs and lows. He was also really there for me in my first pregnancy and labour experience. He understands that being pregnant is not as simple or easy as it looks!

If I had to advice any other pregnant mums it would be to relax and enjoy the pregnancy. It's okay to feel worried and if you do have any fears, especially on the development front, don't feel 'paiseh' (embarrassed) about consulting your gynae.

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