My worst nightmare with a happy ending

My worst nightmare with a happy ending

Jessica Won shares her labour story with


All my previous births were normal without epidural.  I don't think that I'm such a tough lady and I don't know how I managed that. But here's the story of my 3rd.

When my waterbag burst at 6am that day, 2years ago, I was totally unaware that the previous tightening feeling I had been experiencing was contraction as it was not painful at all. Well, you must be thinking, "Hey this is your 3rd baby, you should be experience enough to know right!?" Anyway, my 1st was induced and the 2nd was bleeding, all I know was I'm in pain and didn't know that early stage of contraction was painless!

So, after packing and changing, hubby rushed me to hospital as I know that the 3rd one will be faster then the 2nd, I don't want to end up giving birth in a cab. Called my gynae while on my way to inform him to come quickly.

Reached the hospital at around 7am, was being wheeled up to labour ward as I couldn't walk at all due to the pain. Very quickly I was changed, snap on with CTG and going thru all the questioning and examinations by the mid wife. As the pain was killing me, I asked for oxygen tank and was inhaling like a drug addict - deep and hard to make sure that I'm high enough to not feel anything.

Then the surroundings start to become blur and every word I utter became lagging, slow and echo-y. I couldn't remember what's going on beside me. Where is hubby and what is going to happen next? My right fist was on my chest grabbing onto my gown whenever the pain comes. I vividly remember screaming for my gynae, "why isn't he here yet!" Then I heard a sound, a very long beeping sound "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" just like those you saw in movie when a patient passed away, the heart detector machine will go "beeeeeep...."

For that few seconds, I thought I was dead! OMG! How can I die now? My baby is not out yet and I still got 2 more older kids that need me. So, I pulled off the oxygen mask and regained consciousness. Everything that was lagging behind me started to recollect in a very fast speed and the next thing I know I'm screaming in pain and the baby was COMING! I shouted to the nurse who tried to hold my legs together and pressed my perineum with a maternity pad trying to stop me from giving birth, but being an experience mother, I pushed the nurse away and said "NO the baby is coming!" and I opened up both my legs and started pushing. Once and twice and with a feeling like tear at my vaginal, my baby came out and my gynae stepped in.

He got a shock I think and while I was still struggling in pain, I heard the nurse saying, "Dont kick your baby." Then i realise that the labour bed wasnt lowered down yet and the whole bed was in mess with water, blood and my baby.  Very quickly, my gynae snipped the umbilical cord and passed my baby to the nurse.

While i was still in pain, (this time is the uterus contraction pain) the doctor started stitching me below and I screamed again because I wasn't administered with any painkiller or anesthetic.  Then my gynae asked, "Nobody jab her with anesthetic yet?" and the nurses replied " NO"

At this point, I was going to faint - dont know due to pain for exhaustion, my gynae quickly jab me and stitch me up and the nurses started to clean me up as well. Then i heard a voice, "Dear, look at our baby boy" and my hubby pointing at the corner where the baby was laying. Then I felt my hubby's presence and the 1st time I looked at my beautiful baby boy and slowly forgot the pain....

Back at my ward, my uterus contracting pain was miserable. I asked thrice for pain killer but all the nurses told me that I'd get it after lunch!

Till late evening still no painkiller! Finally this senior nurse came in and asked me to try peeing.  I asked again for painkiller and she replied, "No painkiller since noon to now yet!? OMG poor thing you must be in terrible pain! I go it get now!" Then I felt a sigh of relief....

That night at hospital I developed a fever + nightmare and was monitored closely by the nurse but luckily it subsided after 24hrs and I could leave the hospital as scheduled.

Well, after this, no more number 4 for me....
Not that I'm scared but I'm contented with just 3 healthy lil ones.
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Nasreen Majid

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