My labour story during my 2nd baby's time.

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Aruna Mascarenhas shares her labour story with

My second baby was born in Singapore at Thomson Medical Center, I had been for my checkup on the 22nd of January 2008 and I was quite healthy and active. The doctor said she needed to check my cervix if it was open since I was due on the 1st of February. When she checked me, she said the cervix had already opened wide and that I needed to set a date so that she could induce me and I could deliver my baby.

So Terry and I decided that the baby would come on 24th of January. So early that morning we set out by cab and reached the hospital by 8.30a.m. I was taken in at once and was made ready for my delivery. My doctor Adelina Wong came in by 9.15a.m and the inducing process began. The mid-wife suggested I use the laughing gas since it would ease the pain during labour. After the inducing began, I started getting contractions off and on and the laughing gas did help alot although it made me feel nauseous and I kept vomiting and feeling uneasy.

Finally, I told the mid-wife that I had the urge to pass stools and I needed to go the toilet immediately. She said it was okay if I passed motion on the delivery table. She then checked me and called the doctor immediately and told I should call Terry in, who was with our elder son in the waiting area. The doctor was quite surprised that I was going to deliver so quickly. She advised me to use the gas and push with all my might. I tried so much but the baby just would not come.

I kept trying and trying and was almost going to give up on the pushing when the doctor said "Aruna, be a good girl and try once again and push as hard as you can." So, I tried once again and screamed and pushed and the head came out and I stopped pushing again as I was so tired.

I started to go off to sleep. The mid wife woke me up and said the baby's head is out and I give one last push, then I could go back to sleep. So again I pushed and to my good luck, the baby was out. Our 2nd bundle of joy - a baby boy was born at 13.12hrs and weighed 3.100gms and the nurse told us the baby's head was quite big - 35cm. That's why it took time to come out. My labour pains lasted for about 20mins and it was not bad at all.

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Tiffany Yip