My induced, C-section labour

My induced, C-section labour

I had always braved myself to endure pain. After hearing countless stories of pain that we will suffer during childbirth, honestly i am afraid! Nonetheless I told my gynae that i will go ahead with natural birth without epidural. Brave gal indeed.

My water bag burst during wee hours of the morning on 13 Sep 2010. As a 1st time mum, I was really scared when water keep ozzing out from inside. I told my husband that I cannot control and had pee on our bed despite many visits to the loo prior before. I was nervous. What had happened to me? Made a couple of calls and the last was to my gynae who asked for me to be admitted inmediately.

Not knowing the serverity of the issue, I still asked if I can go work and admit after lunch. Gynae gave me a stern NO! Go admit yourself now! Whilst at the delivery ward, fear slowly creeps in.

Horror stories of child birth pain keeps repeating at the back of my mind! I remain calm with my hubby by my side giving me the fullest support. My hands were cold probably as I was only cloth in the operation gown and was naked inside!

Contraction has yet to set in and when my gynae came to check me for the 1st time, I cheekily told him I was hungry and if i can have anything to eat. He looked at me sheepishly and mentioned, still no pain right thats why you are still so cheerful! He did my 1st vaginal check and I was dilated at 1cm. After breakfast I was placed on drip. Was not aware that it was for induced labour. Pain sets in after 2 hours. Became unbearable for the next few hours.Contraction is here and Ican feel pain. Midwife came in to check me for the subsequently. My gynae checked for dilation during lunch and still I was only 1.5cm dilated. This time round, he became cheeky and asked me.. so u are in pain now?? I answered sweltering.. YES!!

As minutes passed, I was flipping on the bed and cannot think of anything else expect to have my baby out soonest possible as the pain became unbearable. Midwife came in and out asking if i needed to be on any painkillers, I uttered a soft NO... I want to have natural birth without epidural was what I prepared myself mentally and pain is no doubt something that I got to tolerate and go through.

The next couple of agonising hours was pain, pain and more pain. I just flipped and grabbed whichever hands were near me. That gave me comfort when I actually held onto some1 hands and squeezed them when my contraction came. After all this, my hubby's arms were badly brusied! At around 4pm my gyane and midwife came in again and did another round of vcheck. This time round, my gynae broke the news that my cervix is still dilated at 2cm after so many hours which is not a very good sign. I have to be pushed to the OT for emergency C-Sect. My heart sanked and at this point I was really scared! I cannot talk a lot coz of the pain. uttered painfully to my hubby, pls pray for me for a natural birth.

Another hour passed my gynae came in again and this time round, my fate is sealed I had to be wheel into the OT immediately as I am having internal bleeding and my baby was feeling stressed inside me. I cannot think at this point I just know that I am having pain that i really I cannot describe and that I have to be "cut". Midwives prepared me and i was wheeled in. I was still having contractions and still squezzing the hands of the nurse who wheeled me into the OT. I was in a daze by then with the lights shining on my eyes and soon I know my hubby also came into the OT with the robe giving me support.

Anaethists injected me with epidural and I was numb bottom down. Pain subsides and I could hear all the cling clang of the tools that was used to "cut" me. I was tired. Super lethargic. All I wanted was to see my baby soon and I prayed for his safety. after gynae told me.. baby is out... daddy take photo quick and I can hear Baby Anzel crying... my little prince is finally out. Our bundle of joy!.. though i did not make it for natural birth, I was glad that my baby was fine! Isn't that what all parents long for? I am actually still recovering from my labour as I did not expect it to be a c-sect. That aside, Baby Anzel is now 6 months and growing fine!

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