My Baby Bump contest winners!

My Baby Bump contest winners!

The baby bump photos you submitted were simply adorable. Viewing your submissions reminds us of the joy of being pregnant. Take a look at the images shared by the very deserving winners…

We are very excited to announce the winners of theAsianparent's My Baby Bump contest! A huge congratulations to the winners, and to all you beautiful mummies out there!

My baby bump content: Grand Prize winner

Felicia Yeo: I'm waiting for you

My Baby Bump contest winners!

We had a little chat with Felicia, who is expected to welcome a baby boy by the end of May. She was thrilled to be the grand prize winner and spills: “I felt very happy when I saw the results, I was so happy that my pictures received the highest votes.”

Recalling her best pregnancy moments, she shares: “Whenever my daughter sees me at the end of the day, she hugs and kisses my belly and tells her little brother that she missed him. Sometimes she even asks, “Can I take him out for awhile?” We just laugh and tell her “He’ll be out soon!”

Being pregnant is a wonderful time for all mothers, but some moments are slightly more demanding than others. Felicia tells us that she had very bad morning sickness in the first few months but things improved after the first trimester. She took every step of the journey like a trooper, “Every month was a new challenge for me,” she confirms.

When asked what she loves most about being pregnant, she replies confidently: “Just the fact that I can feel my precious one moving and alive inside of me, it’s such a strong connection and I feel so close to him.”

My Baby Bump contest: Our  5 consolation prize winners

Annie Masidong: Baby Ur My Princess :)

My Baby Bump contest winners!

Shilin Lim: 4 weeks to terrific two!

My Baby Bump contest winners!


Imelda Lamsen: Amber Romance

My Baby Bump contest winners!

Lai Catherine: First time...

My Baby Bump contest winners!

Candy Monette Parentela: The Little Prince In Me

My Baby Bump contest winners!














Winners please contact [email protected] to collect your prizes. Congrats!


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Felicia Chin

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