My Newborn photo contest winners!

My Newborn photo contest winners!

We received so many adorable submissions but there can only be four winners—so you voted for your favourite photos of angelic little ones that are new to our world. Check out the winners and swoon at their cuteness…

Grand prize winner 

My Newborn photo contest winners!

Anastasia Marsh -- Rafael ~ Our Darling Angel

We had a little chat with the grand prize winner, Anastasia on how she felt about winning: “Very happy, didn’t expect to win, very contented, and very thankful for all the support.”

When asked about her fondest memory with her darling angel, she responded: “Whenever I burp him, he has all kinds of funny expressions on his face, and it really enlightens me and brings joy to me.”

Baby Rafael is a very blessing indeed—the “best present” ever. Anastasia told us that her delivery experience “was a tough one”, her labour lasted “about 12 hours”. However, it was all well worth it: “What was special was that he was born on my birthday, it wasn’t planned but it was a really special.”

Mummy Anastasia also updated us about her son: “He’s about 1 month old now. He especially loves taking showers; he loves water. But it’s still only a month so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!”

She added: “Thank you so much for the support! Especially for all those who commented, thank you. And I will definitely be taking part in more of The Asian Parent competitions in the future.”


Consolation prize winners

My Newborn photo contest winners!

Jacqueline Chen: Sweet Sweet Smile!

My Newborn photo contest winners!

Aileen Tay: My smiley baby at 6 days old

My Newborn photo contest winners!

Merey tan: Zach Tan Jinn

 Winners please contact [email protected] to collect your prizes. Congrats!

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Felicia Chin

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