My adventurous labour

My adventurous labour

"In the delivery room, the nurse gave me the gas, but I didn't feel that it helped," Sabrina shares her labour story with

When I gave birth to my first child, I did not face any discomfort or feel any labour pain. I didn't have the chance because my daughter was in a breach position and I had to do a C-section.

It was easy as I remember, just set the date and out come the baby!!..

But, I don't really feel happy about it.

I always heard from friends, relatives and my mum about their experience in giving birth. So when I was pregnant with my son, I told my gynaecologist that I want to give birth normally this time. However, this will depend on the baby position again. When I was 32 weeks, I was so happy when my gynaecologist told me that the baby's head has moved downwards.

Ever since that day, I started browsing the net for information on normal deliveries. At the end of 37 weeks, against so many disapproval, I still went to Penang, Malaysia for a holiday. The first, two days were alright. It was only after our trip to Bt. Tinggi that went I felt some cramps and had spotting. But I didn't want to go home earlier than the rest, so I kept quiet.

From Penang, we went to KL, the pain and cramps came and go. I just endure quietly. After KL, we went to Genting Highlands. That's when I thought the pain is getting more intense. But since we are going home on that same day, I kept quiet again and prayed hard that I won't give birth on the Malaysia highways.

We reached Singapore at night. I couldn't sleep that night, enduring the pain and thinking if my husband could come back in time for my delivery. (My husband was schedule to fly to China later that evening and be back in 3 days time).

8th July 2009, early morning, I had diarrhea or so I thought. But the diarrhea stopped at 9am and I had intense pain once more with 10mins interval.

At 2pm, I told my husband that the pain is now at 7mins interval. So we went to the hospital and upon checking in, the nurse called my gynae, after which, checked my cervic. It was already 6cm dilated.

My husband cancelled his trip to China, and stayed with me. He told me it would be great if I were to give birth on the next day as he and the newborn would share the same birthday.

Since, I was in pain, I was not too excited about it.

In the delivery room, the nurse gave me the gas, but I didn't feel that it helped. At 5pm, I asked for epidural because, I couldn't stand the pain. And I thought, once I had the epidural, I won't feel the pain til I gave birth later on. So happily I went to sleep, but the nap last for 45mins only. The pain crept in again...even worst than before.

At 7pm, the nurse checked my cervix and told me it is still 6cm dilated.

I was feeling a bit worried because if by 8pm, my cervix did not dilate to 10cm, I would have to go for C-section again for I have lost a lot of blood. I kept my fingers crossed..

8pm, my gynae came and checked. 10cm dilated!!...But my husband requested that I should wait til midnight at least. My gynae asked him to take a look and he jumped suddenly.
Holding my hands and he keep on asking me to push, I tried twice but felt tired. He was jumping when he told me that he can see the baby's head, all I need to do is to push hard. He made it sound so easy but it was I who have to do the pushing..

Finally after the 3rd push, my son was born!!
Before my gynaecologist left us, she asked me 'so which is better? C-sect or Normal?'

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