My 4th Labour

My 4th Labour

Nor Liana Zaidi shares her labour story with

I remember it was 28th of May and its Vesak the morning I felt a bit of the contraction but I think nothing of it. Until the afternoon I told my hubby we must standby every document needed for registery.

At night the contraction came so i quickly wake my hubby and my kids so we go to the KKH Women hospital.The nurse check me up and say mine coming soon so they sent me to the Labour ward. O already in pain and we still have to register..I can't take it but i try to bcos my hubby don't know how to register.

Reaching the ward i was told to change into their dress.I felt my waterbag dripping so i quickly lie down on the bed.the doctor n midwife came and do a chck on me again,the doc say its haven time yet but this is not me 1st time so i know.once the doctor goes out my contraction became worse so the nurse quickly call him back.Guess what??The midwife is pregnant too.

At last when the doc came just a few minute the baby is out but it was stuck cos i'm too tired to push.I try my very might to push if not i would lost him.Atlast!!Hes out..its a relif for me.

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