My 3rd labour story

My 3rd labour story

Stephanie Goh shares her labour story with

Here's my 3rd birth story.


My EDD for prince Josiah was on 27th July.

I was supposed to be induced on 26th July night but end up when I went there at 9pm, I was already having contractions and 4cm dilated which I didn't really feel much of it! hahahah

Here's what happened:

9pm: Reached KK Delivery Suite to prepare for admission and do the necessary paper work for induction. Strapped on to CTG in Induction Room 3 while hub go do admission. Having slight cramps since 4pm after the Vaginal Swap doctor did during the morning checkup but since it was very mild, I simply ignored it, heheh

10:15pm, nurse did VE after seeing CTG graph and say that I'm already 4cm dilated and don't need to induce already. So I walked to the delivery Room 16 myself.

11:30pm: Requested for Epidural and informed them about my Scoliosis condition. Doc came to put me on drip and break water bag... Pain getting more and more intense. Breathed the "laughing" gas while doc tried to administer drip. Anaesthetist came and tried to locate my spine down my back.. ask me to sit up and put my feet on the chair then bend forward. Kept breathing in the gas, finally she found the right place to insert the needle. After epidural, could still feel the pain on my left side but still bearable.

12:45: Informed nurse that I have the feeling to push. Nurse and mid wife encourage me to push...Adter several pushes, Baby Josiah arrived in this world at 1plus am @ 3.19kg. He was a healthy and loud baby :)

We were so happy that we have received our third child with no complications :)

It was tough bring the kids up as the age gap between #2 and #3 is only 15months but we've passed that. Josiah is now soon to be 5 years old :)

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