My #2 birth story_12 December 2009

My #2 birth story_12 December 2009

Sharyn Lim shares her labour story with

11 Dec
Was experiencing some mild contraction every now and then the whole day. Was thinking could this be the day that I will get into the hospital to deliver #2. Still managed to do lots of things before the whole thing starts. There wasnt any symptom yet until evening, 6plus where i could see some light brown discharge. Think nothing of it, so still proceed to my mum's place for dinner as usual.

11 Dec_7.30pm
Felt leakage from below....oh no, water bag had broke. Anyway, wasnt that panic and we did not admit immediately.
Told hubby we shall admit at midnight instead. After that we still proceed with my birthday celebration. By then mucus plug had dropped too. Went back home at 9.30pm to prepare myself for admission. Had to settle my eldest with my inlaws and will be missing him from now onwards, and kissed him goodbye. Proceed to the hospital at 11pm with delivery bag and check in.

11 Dec_11.45pm
Admitted to hospital and did all the necessary. The changing, cervix check, enema, strapped on CTG to check baby's movement & Hubby went to do the admission. Nurse checked my cervix and was 3-4cm opened. So cervix dilation waiting game starts. Nurse asked if any epidural is needed, told her i'll wait for contraction to start then decide later. As per gynae, if cervix didnt progress by itself, will start the drip on me at 4am.

12 Dec_4am
So drip starts, mild contraction here and there, still bearable to me. ok decided that no epi this time so we wait and see. Nurse checked on me every now and then on the dilation but still slow. 4-5cm now.

12 Dec_7.30am
Gynae came in and did the cervix check again.....argh....that hurts man. In total been checked & stretched for dilation about 4-5x by the nurse and the sure was pain. Gynae said, cervix still no progress and still the same at 4-5cm. Give me 2 choices to choose;
1) still continue to wait then if cervix still no progress will need to c-sec.
2) go c-sec immediately.

OF COURSE I choose to wait, didnt want to be under the knife after being stretched and checked for so many times on the dilation. So i asked gynae how long more to wait and she said 4 hours, ok fine, so we shall wait. She had asked to increase the drip dosage to expedite the dilation. Nurse came and asked if pain relieve is required again.

12 Dec_8am
Ok, contractions become more intense now. Can feel the aching and pain now.... Asked for the pethidine but its useless at all, can still feel the pain afterall. Cervix checked again, this time was 7-8cm dilated. Nurse called and informed the gynae to came over immediately cause my dilation was simply too fast. Within 1 hour, I'm fully dilated but i cant deliver yet cause gynae is not here. Contractions is strong, i was in pain and both hands were pulling at hubby's jacket.
Had the urge to push but gynae is not here, so the midwife gave me laughing gas and hold both my legs down to stop me from delivering. The feeling was sucks. I was so drowsy and high.... Gynae is still not there yet as she had went back to the sengkang clinic and need to travel down to the hospital again. Arggh... Hubby was so stressed out after seeing me in so much pain but yet cant deliver. Finally gynae reached and prepared everything, i was ready to push. Pathetic me still need to push for 45 mins to push this little fella out. His face was facing upwards which was not normal and thats why the tough delivery. Out first came his head and another push, his body is out.

12 Dec_11.16am
Ahh....Finally, G boy is out. I'm so tired but yet so relieved to see him here. YEAH! I've made it! So he's really out on my birthdate, 12/12...the nicest combi in the month of Dec! Here is my second birth story!

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