My 1st born labour experience

My 1st born labour experience

Mary Tian shares her labour story with

When I was 39 weeks into my 1st pregnancy , I was woken up with stomachache. However , the stomache came with intervals of 3mins . I woke my hubby up and told him that I could be having contractions . He brushed me off that maybe I just need to pass motion which I did . After that the contractions was getting intense . I called my gynae who asked me to visit him at the hospital . We were both very excited and didn't know what to expect .

After my gynae checked on me , I was indeed having contractions and 1cm dilated but not ready for labour . He sent me home and asked to see me the next day a Monday .

I went to see him on Monday afternoon . He reviewed my situation and sent me home to wait for further dilation . I couldn't do anything as the contraction became more intense . Went back to gynae who asked that I checked into hospital after my dinner . I couldn't eat or sleep as the pain was getting intense .

I thought that I will be sent to labour ward upon check in . Unfortunately I was sent to my ward to rest and wait for further dilation which didn't seems to be on track !!

My poor hubby couldn't stay in as I was in a 2 bedded room . I couldn't sleep the whole night due to the pain.

I kept requesting for pain killer which they will not administer till I go to labour ward.

At 530am I requested to go to the labour ward . I was prep and waiting for further dilation . After more than 12hours I was 2-3cm dilated !! My gynae encouraged his patients to go without epidural . They gave me a pathedin instead . It works for a while with the laughing gas . I was dilating at a snail rate . 4 hours 1cm! Any mum can imagine the pain I went through . At noon , I begged for epidural considering the rate of my dilation . My gynae obliged . It was heaven after that ..... I could rest . At 4pm my gynae checked on me and pulled my hubby aside and suggested a c section as I wasn't dilating at a reasonable speed . Waiting any longer my womb may get tired out and caused complication .

We agreed for a c section .

The nurses prep me and within half an hour I was in the OT.

Within another half an hour , our precious long awaited princess came into our world healthy and lovely weighing 3.54kg.

My little girl is turning 4 now but the labour experience shall always stay with me .....

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