What music should my child listen to?

What music should my child listen to?

Does a smile cross your face when you listen to music? It is because music is powerful and has an ever-lasting effect. It's the same with your child!

Introducing music to your little one has a lot of benefits. Your child can learn a lot from music and it can also help in his brain development. But, you need to act smartly when it comes to selecting the right type of music for your kid.

music for kids

Experiencing music in different levels has a lot of benefits for children.

Here are a few tips that will help you in creating an appropriate music library for your child:

Not just for listening: Before selecting the appropriate music for your child, keep in mind that your child benefits from doing more than just listening. Audiation in music is like thinking in language. If a mind is allowed to dance and sing and not just listen to the music, it can grow and develop its comprehension easily. So is the case with the child’s mind. Therefore, when you start creating a music library for your child, focus on communication with the music that will help train your child’s musical ear. A good music library will have all kinds of music genres for your child.

Choose familiar songs when starting: It is better to choose the music that you sang growing up. This is because ‘starting with the nursery rhymes put to music before gradually moving into folk songs and classical numbers as the children reach preschool age.’ The nursery rhymes are not only interesting but they also make kids learn small basics of life. So, making them learn nursery rhymes can be a good start.


Classical: Adding classical music to your kid’s music library can help him learn about instrumentation. If the music contains a piece of story for instrumentation, your kid can learn about a specific instrument while learning the story.

Give them time and let them decide: It is not necessary that your choice for music suits your child’s taste also; it may differ. The point here is that you should give them time to think and let them realise their liking.  Also, expand their exposure to music, like you can take them to music concerts so that they can see music in action. The more they hear different types of music, the more expansive their tastes and respect for artists and genres will certainly be.

music for kids

Aim to develop your child’s love for music.

The aim here is to “develop a love for music in your child”.

Do not impose your expectations on your child to make him the next Mozart. Definitely, the last choice will be decided as per your child’s interest but you can help him in doing so.

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Lim Chuwei

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