5 tips for when exploring music schools in Singapore for your child

5 tips for when exploring music schools in Singapore for your child

There are a lot of music schools in Singapore. Learn how to choose the best one for your child in this article.

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to music schools in Singapore. So where do you begin to narrow down what’s right for your child?

Aureus Academy, founded by brothers, Lawrence and Julius Holmefjord-Sarabi, have zeroed in on a winning formula. Within two and a half years of operation, they now have opened three schools which are enjoying almost full capacity. More than 1,300 students and a teaching faculty of more than 40. The brothers chip in on tips to help you navigate the sea of music schools.

1. Teachers know best

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Ask how the school appoints its teaching staff. Academic qualifications count. The more teachers there are with degrees in music, the better for students. If the teachers are trained performers, even better as this ensures teaching techniques are spot on and lay a strong foundation which will benefit the student’s learning in the long run. Having a faculty made up of full-time teachers is also an asset, as it allows more flexibility in the scheduling of sessions.

2. Bespoke sessions

Not all students fit the same mould. A fixed curriculum or program restricts learning and exploration of a student’s potential. Check if the school has one-on-one sessions that can be tailored to the student’s musical background and interests.

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3. Credible partnerships

Just as how certification gives credibility, an academy that works with multiple other organizations makes it more trustworthy as it has achieved success at an organizational level. When a music academy partners with other schools, it is an indication that it has proven itself as an academy that is able to provide an all-rounded music education.

4. Love for music has to be nurtured

Raps on the knuckles and repetitive learning is not going to work. And it’s not always about exams, grades or results. It is important to first develop the love for music. Ask pointed questions before enrolling. It is important that the school you choose has their priorities right; ignite the passion for music and the rest will follow, including the good grades.

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5. Conducive environment, great facilities

A conducive environment is important. Choose a school with studios which are spacious and equipped with well-maintained instruments. Some academies may also have recital halls, which go a step further by giving students the opportunity to integrate performing as part of their learning.


Use this checklist as a starting point to help you choose the music school that works best for your child.  It will set the course for his/her musical journey.

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