Mums – You’re going to love this device! (We're also giving away 10 free)

Mums – You’re going to love this device! (We're also giving away 10 free)

Mums, want to connect with your kids safely or how about working from home seamlessly with full access to your office files? Find out how iTwin Connect makes all this possible and win one for free this Mother's Day!

iTwin Connect for mums Mums, find out here why you need an iTwin Connect and win one today!

Mums, do you ever get the feeling you’ve forgotten something important but are in too much of a frenzy to remember what? You’re behind the wheel of your car and finally manage to get past the first blow of traffic after 30 minutes of sitting ducks and it hits you—you missed saving this morning’s presentation to your thumb drive!

Enter iTwin Connect…

You were tired from burning the midnight oil and had to drop junior off at the nanny’s because Daddy is away on a business trip. Do you drive back and get it or continue on to the office? You can’t clock in without your presentation, nor can you turn back because you’ll run late and miss the first hour of the meeting; the one you’re facilitating.

Luckily, a situation like this is no longer an issue. With iTwin Connect, you’ll make it on time and still be able to retrieve the necessary files on your home PC from your office computer and vice versa, without any dramas!

What is it?

Amazing! But what is it? iTwin is a USB device unlike any other. It is smart device that acts as a security key allowing two computers already hooked up to the internet, to access each other’s files, desktop and networks  securely and seamlessly. When paired, the two halves generate & share security  codes which enable a secure connection over the internet.

Using this device, you will be able to access your home and office servers or intranets without having to physically be on site. In simple terms, it is a secure virtual hook into a remote network, whether you’re travelling, on the move or operating in an overseas location.

iTwin Connect - Mother's Day Contest

For a demonstration, view this video:

Smart benefits for intelligent mums

This smart device is designed to ensure private and restriction-free browsing whilst also activating remote desktop, file, and secure access to your home and office networks. This gadget consists of two easy-to-use identical halves.

To install, plug the device into a USB port on the home or office PC. Detach one half of the device, which becomes the ‘key’, and carry it along. When on the go, plug this key into a laptop and a secure VPN tunnel is instantly formed to the home or office PC.

The iTwin Connect is perfect for mums with kids in college or studying overseas—private pictures, videos and files can be shared securely. Or if you work from home and need to run an errand, you won’t have to worry because you can still view files and documents on the office server without any qualms. And working mums, you’ll be able to access your home computer from the office as long as each machine has half of the device.

Teleport Me

What’s equally cool is that the ‘Teleport Me’ function on the iTwin Connect lets you choose which continent you’re browsing from - a wonderful thing, really! Tapping into it, you can finally watch American television as if you were really online in the US.

How to win one?

Would you like to win one? is giving them out to 10 lucky winners in conjunction with the upcoming Mother’s Day celebrations. To participate in this contest, click on the START button below, fill out your details and complete the following slogan in no more than 30 words:

I truly deserve to win an iTwin Connect because…

Good luck, mums!

iTwin Connect - Win this now! The iTwin Connect is designed to ensure private and restriction-free browsing


Our contest has ended! Here are the 10 deserving mums who won an iTwin Connect.

(1) Poh Pei Pei

(2) Tham Sok Fong

(3) Neha Sharma

(4) Stella Ong

(5) Isabel Chia Hui Hsien

(6) Lim Ya-hui Lisa

(7) Rina Lim

(8) Hoo Mei Si

(9) Chen Jieyun

(10) Sazlina Kimpton

Congratulations and have a very happy Mothers' Day!

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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