Mum's Viral Post Debunks Age-Old Myths About Single Mums

Mum's Viral Post Debunks Age-Old Myths About Single Mums

"I didn't need pity because I was actually kicking goals and rocking out, it is tough but the toughest part is the stigma."

Society tends to perceive single mums and their children in a certain light. In fact, you can say that there are several myths surrounding the concept of a single woman solely raising her child. While such stigmas and misconceptions may exist, but that doesn't mean single mums have to sit back and take it!

One active mum, Constance Hall, took to social media to combat these common misunderstandings about being a single mum. Hall, a single mother who herself was raised by a single mum, recently posted what she calls "single mum myth busting" to her Facebook account, and it has since gone viral.

Hall posted a list of 7 common myths about single mums that she quickly disproved and shot down using her own experiences as a single mummy.

In her viral post, Hall presents very powerful arguments that all single mums can agree with. For example, the Australian mum/blogger claims that single mums "don't want a new dad for their kids," and that single mums "aren't always broke." She even addresses children of single mums saying "their kids aren't disadvantaged".

As you can see this mum has quite a lot to say on the matter, and tons of single mums from all around the world are paying this noble mother respect. The post, since she proudly shared it, has produced 77,000+ likes and over 22,000 shares.

Hall, as previously mentioned, was raised by single mother. This leads her to be even more defensive about the pejorative and insulting myths involving single mums. In her post she writes, "[being a single mum] is tough but the toughest part is the stigma." Which is why her efforts to eliminate said stigma is more than appreciated by thousands of single mums everywhere!

She concludes her awesome post by commemorating single mums everywhere: "Today I'm saluting single mums. I was raised by one, I respect them and I admire the s**t out of them."

We would like to pay our respects to single mums, too. Good job, mums! You're an inspiration to us all!


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