Mum's Guide To Solo Sex: Try These 6 Amazing Tips!

Mum's Guide To Solo Sex: Try These 6 Amazing Tips!

Come mummy, come! Here are some tips that will help you get yourself off in no time.

Having trouble reaching an orgasm after a whole day of chores, kids and well, every other mummy thing? No problem mummies, here are a few masturbation tips that can help you get from ugh to aah!

 #1 Wet your fingers


We all know that lubrication is always a good idea before masturbation but if you can't get your fingers (pun-intended) on actual lube, just lick your fingers! Also, this is one of the closest methods to the feeling of oral sex.

The wetness touching your clit also stimulates you to get even wetter. So go on, get your fingers wet and see that it makes all the difference in the speed and strength of your orgasm.


#2 Move around

Don't just lie on your back the whole time! Sure, staying on your back may be the easiest non-troublesome way to masturbate but come on, routine always gets boring.

Moving around or trying new positions may actually increase the speed of getting an orgasm. For example, getting on your hands and knees or in other words, going "doggy style" can surprisingly be a very stimulating position.


#3 Be imaginatively creative


It's actually amazing how imagination plays a huge part in determining whether or not you'll have a good orgasm. The best kinds are the ones where you imagine the places where you'd want to have sex with your partner. For example, the kitchen sink, the stairs or even in the middle of the living room.

Trust me, if you can masturbate and get off by yourself in a place or position that you’ve always wanted to try, then when it comes time, you know you’ll be able to get off in that same place or position with your partner.


#4 Do it in the shower


So you've tried with different positions and at different places but, have you done it in the shower? Yes lady, we're pointing to that detachable shower head.

Try setting the water to your usual preferred warmth and then proceed to remove the shower head and placing it close to your clit. Sit back in pleasure while you let the water play against your clitoris. Bonus, try moving the shower head a little closer as you reach climax. You'd be surprised with the outcome!


#5 Use both hands!

It's never a one hand job when it comes to pleasuring yourself. While one hand is playing with your clitoris, let the other play with your breasts, squeeze your nipples, caress your body slowly up and down your skin or simply brush your fingers lightly against your neck for increased stimulation.

Don't be afraid to play with your own body because after all, you're a work of art!


#6 Use a toy


When all else fails, call for a little bit of help. And no, we don't mean a booty call! The right sex toy can really enhance your masturbation experience. Also, try experimenting with the vibrator because it may give you a clear idea on what gets you off.

In terms of finding the right vibrator, there are several articles in the glorious place called the internet that can help you. Or just visit a local sex store! And if you're feeling adventurous, try experimenting with other toys as well.


Mummies, what are your methods? Share them with us!

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Written by

Aisyah Amin

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