One incredibly simple way busy mums can stay beautiful

One incredibly simple way busy mums can stay beautiful

Read about a fantastic new members-only online shopping hub that provides time-strapped mums fabulous prices on over 5000 products from over 300 much loved and reputed health, beauty, body and baby brands...

Beautiful mums, with a little one in your life, you may not have loads of time to go shopping for your health and beauty needs anymore.

Mums, remember your beauty regime those pre-baby days? You probably took long, leisurely showers, spent an hour (or longer!) to get ready for a fun night out, and best of all, had the time to go on day-long shopping expeditions.

Now that you have a little one, it’s highly likely that the needs of your child take precedence over finding the time to take care of yourself.

Your showers probably last just a few minutes and more often than not, there’s a toddler in the bathroom with you. Your beauty regime is now limited to a brush pulled through your hair and a swipe of lip balm… if you’re lucky. And those long shopping trips? Now, they’re more like dashes to the shop to get essentials for your baby.

You don’t have the time to take long, scented baths or spend hours shopping for your favourite beauty products anymore. But truth is you are still a woman and all women like to be beautiful in their own unique way.

What if we told you about an incredibly easy way to get all the products you need to look and stay beautiful with the ease of just one click, from the comfort of your home? And at below-retail prices. is a one-stop online hub for all your beauty, body and baby care product needs – at incredible prices!

Introducing an exciting new e-shopping club especially for mums

A one-stop online shop for all your beauty, body and baby care products is launching in Singapore. is Asia’s premier members-only eshopping club, and soon, all the great deals it has to offer will be available to you!

Online shopping for mums at is just so convenient. It means that you don’t have to rush out of your home with your baby in tow to get what you need. It means that you can browse at your convenience while your little one is sleeping, playing or even sitting on your lap. You can even shop on-the-go if you like on your mobile phone.

So, how do you become a member and what are some of the great perks members get? Find out on the next page.

You’ll never pay retail prices again when you shop on

Why should you pay for membership?

Yes, there are plenty of online shopping hubs that are free — but the cost of their products is usually at par with or only slightly less than what you find in shops or shopping malls.

Unlike such websites, doesn’t believe in investing in expensive retail rents or traditional advertising. Their membership fees help cover costs. They only charge a small markup and pass the savings directly to you, their members.

When you become a member, you’ll be spoilt for choice with over 5000 products from over 300 much loved and reputed health, beauty, body and baby brands such as SKII, L’Oréal, Laneige, Philosophy, 3CE, OPI, Blackmores, Greenlife, Dove, Gain IQ, Mamy Poko, Johnson’s Baby and Original Sprout.

There are many ways you can save when shopping with

The benefits of membership

1. You never pay retail prices: Member prices start low and the price protection guarantee means that you always get really great below-retail prices.

2. You save even more: offers you many ways to save even as you shop. For example, their eshopping cart lets you track and choose how much you want to save while shopping. You’ll also get instant rebates, smart bonuses, exclusive flash sales, daily deals and more!

3. You’ll get paid to shop: It sounds too good to be true, mums, but it’s really the truth — all you need to do is refer friends, share a review or “Like” a product to earn cash rewards and other incentives. The more you share, the more you earn.

It’s true – become a Angel and get paid to shop!

Become a member and be rewarded big time

You only need to visit to sign up. Their regular membership fee is a low $49 for the whole year. However, from now to 6 August 2015, is giving FREE membership to all you lucky mums!

Once you sign up as a “Angel”, if you refer five friends to, you not only get free 12 months membership, but also get early access to their very special beta launch. It gets even better… if you  refer 10 friends, you could get rewarded with a share of up to $800,000 in cash (yes, cash!) rebates!

How to refer your friends

After signing up, you will get a unique link. Then, it’s as simple as sharing this link with family and friends, via email or social media. Mums, don’t forget to use the hashtag #Share4AShare on social media.

Automated emails will inform you daily how many new friends have signed up and when rewards are unlocked. You can log into your Rewards Portal to check signups and ranking as often as you want.

What are you waiting for, beautiful mummies? Check out today and don’t forget to refer your friends too! You could also visit the Facebook page for more information.

Mums, tell us about what you think of this great new online shopping initiative by leaving a comment below. 

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