Mum in coma after premature delivery of baby

Mum in coma after premature delivery of baby

This brother has put up a heartfelt plea for help, for his sister and niece, who are fighting for life in Singapore...

We came across this brother’s heartfelt plea* for help, for his sister and niece, and were moved to tears. 

She wanted to be a mum for 11 years…

Mdm Chen Yinghua — a secretary from Malacca working in Singapore — wanted to be a mother for 11 long years. Her dreams finally came true when she discovered she was pregnant. 

On 18 July, according to The Independent, Mdm Chen “experienced severe bouts of vomiting along with a fever.”

Upon visiting her gynaecologist, she was told that her blood pressure was very high. Also, her baby’s heartbeat was very low. She was admitted to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Her brother, Chen Junliang, said “The doctors told my sister that they have to do a C-section immediately to deliver the baby or both she and the baby would be in danger.”

The doctors decided to perform emergency C-section, fearing for the lives of both mother and baby. The baby was delivered at just 6 months into the pregnancy. 

It was hardly the end of their worries though. Doctors found out that the mummy suffered a bacterial infection, which led to liver failure, and then, coma.

She was transferred to Singapore General Hospital on 19 July. She has been in coma ever since.

According to Jun Liang, “We were informed by the doctor that her liver failure was due to bacterial infection, and they are currently using antibiotics to control her condition.” If there is no further improvement in condition, this mummy will apparently have to go through liver transplant, as a last resort.


Mum in coma after premature delivery of baby


A Give.Asia page has been set up for this cause. This is a really sad case, and we request our kind hearted readers to help this mummy and baby in their struggle for life. 

We hope and pray that they recover soon…

*UPDATE: The latest update posted in Give.Asia mentions that the mum no longer needs a liver transplant. But we believe she is still in a coma. 

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(Source: GIVE.ASIA, The Independent)

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