Mummies listen up, here are some slang phrases you need to know right now

Mummies listen up, here are some slang phrases you need to know right now

Omg yaaasss girl, your eyebrows are on point! Didn't quite get that? Don't worry, read on to find out more...

Remember the lyrics to that one Bowling For Soup song? "Nothing changes but the faces, the names and the trends." How true is that, though? I mean, just head to the nearest Starbucks and eavesdrop on the conversations of the students there and I'd bet that half the time, you won't understand a single word they're saying.

Don't worry queens, we'll give you an exclusive oxford-dictionary guide to the current millennial slangs so you won't feel clueless anymore. Be warned: there will be plenty of acronyms on this list!


#1 Bae

Bae is actually an acronym with stands for "Before Anyone Else" and it can be referred to literally anything, not just a significant other. For example, I personally refer to pizza as my bae.

Example: "Omg, pizza is LITERALLY bae"


#2 SMH

SMH stands for "Shaking My Head" and well, it means shaking your head. Usually used in sentences that express annoyance.

Example: "The public transport is so crowded today SMH"


#3 I can't even

It's an incomplete sentence on its own and is used mostly when one feeling so much for something that words can't express how one feels.

Example: "Omg, did you see how gorgeous her shoes were?! I can't even"


#4 IRL

IRL stands for "In Real Life" and yes you may be thinking, "In what context would I even be using this?" Hear us out, in the age of celebrity crushes and overly flooded thoughts, this expression is very useful.

Example: "Wow, he must be really good looking IRL" or "I don't even know what I'd be saying if I see you IRL"


#5 Yas

This is by far our personal favourite. It's similar to saying yes but with indefinite amount of a's, s's and enthusiasm.

Example: "Omg yaasssss, this lighting is perfect for a selfie"


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This stands for "Not Safe For Work" and yes, it's usually referred to things that aren't work or child appropriate.

Example: "Don't play that video here, it's NSFW"


#7 On point

It means perfection and it's commonly used to refer to something that is of top form. For example, eyebrows. Yes, we're not kidding.

Example: "Yaaassss girl, those eyebrows are drawn so perfectly, so on point!"


#8 I don't even

Similar to I can't even, and commonly used as a verbal expression for the term "????"

Example: "So much was happening in the latest episode of Game of Thrones I don't even"


#9 Lit

Lit is commonly used to describe something or somewhere or someone that is so happening or poppin.

Example: "That party was so lit!"


#10 Netflix and chill

It means that you can your partner watch Netflix while having.....

Example: "Since there's nobody home tonight, how about we Netflix and chill?"


Do you know anyone of these terms? Share your thoughts with us!

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Aisyah Amin

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