Mum ignores labour pains for driving license!

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Having failed her first driving test in March this year, 20-year-old Emma French opted to sit for her second driving test despite the fact that her water broke just hours earlier. After all, having your driver’s license is way more important than not endangering life -- the life of your unborn-baby and that of other people, right?

There are different types of stupidity.

There’s the general acceptable level of stupidity where you take the time out of your busy schedule to read the weather forecast just to get confirmation that a storm is coming. You look upwards, see the dark clouds and go, “Yes, yes…it is going to rain,” – but then leave the house without an umbrella anyway because somewhere in your wishful delusions…it is not going to rain.

And then…it does.

This is the type of stupidity that we have all been guilty of from time to time. And it is completely fine, seeing that no one gets hurt in the process…just wet.

And then there is the type of stupidity that is reckless and dangerous and basically brings all other types of stupidity to shame. Like the one as demonstrated by UK’s Emma French who ignored her labour contractions during her driving test…just so she won’t fail the test the second time around.

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Conflicted priorities

The 20-year-old broke her water at 4am on the morning of her driving test. The shocked young warehouse worker, who was not due to give birth for another month, stayed awake for the rest of the night thinking that the baby will arrive that night itself.

Yet when the baby did not arrive by 8.40am, which was the scheduled time for her driving test, she decided to go on ahead and sit for the test anyway.

Contractions and all.

After all, she has failed her first test in March this year…and passing a driving test is much more important than labour pains or having a baby, right? The Scottish lass actually had four painful contractions during the 45-minutes long test itself but dare not say anything…just in case the instructor will cancel the test.

“I didn’t dare tell the examiner I was in labour in case he made me cancel the test,” said Emma.

The mum-to-be passed her test and promptly drove herself to the nearest hospital where doctors discovered that she was already three centimetres dilated.

“It was really scary and everyone must think I’m crazy but it ended the way I had hoped.”

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But what if it didn’t?

Sure, it is a cute little story where a mum managed to pass her driving test and then drove herself to the hospital where she went through a safe delivery. There are of course, cases of other mums-to-be who have driven themselves to the hospital to give birth.

But these mums did not choose to do that themselves, they were put in a position where desperate circumstances lead to such desperate measures. What Emma did was both reckless and harmful to other road users.

She had the option to sit out on her test, which is in the bigger scope of things — not that important but chose to go ahead with it thus possibly endangering herself, her yet-to-be-born baby and other road users.

She and her baby were lucky enough to have arrived at the hospital in one piece and without getting into an accident. But things could have easily turned for the worst and this story might not have a happy ending after all.

Think about it.


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