Shocking: Mum gives birth while driving herself to hospital

Shocking: Mum gives birth while driving herself to hospital

This mum probably takes the cake for most shocking birth story - giving birth in a car while driving herself!

A 29 -year-old mother has given new meaning to the term multi-tasking - she actually gave birth to her son while she was driving herself to the hospital!

The mother, Amanda McBride from Minnesota, gave birth to a baby boy while driving herself to the hospital, with the newborn's father steering the car from the passenger's seat.

She was rushing to the hospital Wednesday when suddenly her water broke and the baby "just slid out." McBride says she was feeling labor pains at work, so she drove to pick up the baby's father and headed for the hospital.

The father, 33-year-old Joseph Phillips, did not drive because he has a history of seizures. Phillips told newspapers that McBride yelled at him to take the wheel as she cradled the 3.6kg baby boy, Joseph. McBride put the car“on cruise when the baby was coming.  It was just easier.”  She says, “I kinda ended up pulling my pants down and just kinda sliding the seat back – just a little room to deliver. I just delivered him and then I held him in my lap cuz I didn’t know what else to do with the chord attached. I just kind of held him there and continued on to town.”

Officials at North Country Regional Hospital say they were stunned to learn the expectant mother was driving. "They look at me scared at first, because how loud I was."

So they come out and look at the passenger seat, and I go, `No! Other side! Other side! She was driving!" And they were like, `she was what?`," said Phillips. "Yeah, there were no complications at all," said McBride. Joseph is McBride's third child.

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Felicia Chin

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