Mum wakes up to find baby missing in the hospital, finds her in another patient’s room

Mum wakes up to find baby missing in the hospital, finds her in another patient’s room

It doesn’t matter what the woman’s intentions were to Lorelei: the baby should never have been taken away from her mother.

“The most terrifying thing happened to my family two days ago,” the viral Facebook post begins. “As many of you know Lorelai had been admitted to NEA Baptist Hospital in Jonesboro, [and] during our stay there my baby girl was abducted.”

According to the post’s author, Lory Beth Snyder, she was the only one watching over her daughter that day.

Neither she nor her daughter had slept in quite a while with all hustle and bustle of tests, exams and blood work needed to find out what’s wrong with her baby.

So imagine her surprise—and subsequent fright—when she finally got to sleep in the hospital room only to wake up sometime later to find that her daughter had disappeared.

“When I found her she was in another woman's hospital room, in that woman's arms, with a room full of six or seven nurses just laughing and playing with her and Lorelai,” Lory shares.

She didn’t know the lady, who was neither a nurse nor a doctor. She was just another patient at the hospital.

When Lory moved to take Lorelei back, the woman insisted that Lory return to her room without her daughter, repeatedly telling Lory to rest.

“I removed Lorelai from her arms, and the nurses who had been standing around gathered up her things, because along with taking Lorelai she also took my diaper bag (which had been emptied around her room), iv pole, and crib Lorelai was in sleeping in.”

The nurses followed Lory back to her room, reassuring her that Lorelei wasn’t in any danger and that they had meant any harm.

Shockingly, the woman--named Ms. Harris--who had taken Loreli followed them to their room, still insisting that Lory hand over her daughter.

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Finally, after what Lory described as an eternity, she and Lorelei was transferred to the ICU—a unit where there were security.

“While I honestly don't know if Ms Harris intentions were [sic] intend noble, since she claims to [sic] of just been trying to care for Lorelai,” Lory says.

“I don't know what she herself was ill with, something that could make my daughter sick. I don't know anything! I don't know what her actual intent with my child was. What she did with her. Or even how long she actually had her.”

Not taking any chances, Lory contacted the Jonesboro PD to report the incident. However, the police told her that they couldn’t file any charges against Ms. Harris because there hadn’t been any harm done.

“Apparently anyone can take any child any where, and its not kidnapping as long as you don't intend to harm the child,” says Lory. “So says the law according to the Jonesboro PD.”

It doesn’t matter what the woman’s intentions were to Lorelei. The point still stands: the baby should never have been taken away from her mother, especially without her consent.

“Thank the gods that make baby is safe. We were lucky. Many parents do not get as lucky as we have. Child Abduction isn't something that should be so easily dismissed.”

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