Mum finds out that the baby in a viral video is her child

Mum finds out that the baby in a viral video is her child

This mum got the surprise of her life when she found out that the baby on a viral video that she was watching was actually her own child.

Brittany Dixson, a mother from Indiana, was watching a viral video about a baby that was splashed with a large amount of water in a water park, when she realised that the baby on the video is her child.

“When I first saw the video, it was just like, ‘Why would you put a child underneath so much water at once?’’ Dixon wrote online. She then found out that the baby in the video was her child.

mom finds out that baby in viral video is her child

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From an article on, Brittany said that “She could have inhaled so much water [that] once she went to sleep that night, she could have actually drowned in her sleep because the water would have been trapped in her lungs,” she said. “But she didn’t have any water in her lungs or anything like that, but [the doctor] said that was a major possibility and he’s glad that I brought her in.”

Brittany immediately tracked down the babysitter and fired her right after she realised that her child was the baby in the video.

Desiree Howell, the one who uploaded the video on Facebook said that her concern for the child was what prompted her to post the video on Facebook. On the caption for the video, this is what she said: “You have got to be kidding me!!!!! She is abusing this child. Baby is crying. And swallowing this water. Pray this baby won’t drown in her sleep!!! She has been yelling at her telling her to get over it. Its part of being a kid. Heard this baby is only 7 months old….AND NOT HERS!!!!! SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!!”

Watch the viral video HERE.

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