Mum Defies Breast Cancer To Give Birth To Healthy Baby Girl

Mum Defies Breast Cancer To Give Birth To Healthy Baby Girl

Malaysian mum Aime Soon was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer just five months into her pregnancy.

For most women who hope to become a mother, pregnancy is one of the most exciting and happy experiences they can go through. But for Malaysian mum Aime Soon who was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer when she was just five months pregnant four years ago, it was all that and so much more.

In her viral Facebook post on KL吹水站, the 40-year-old shares her brave struggle with breast cancer and how it affected her physical and emotional well-being. She recalls her shock when she found out the seriousness of her condition, “I was told by the doctor that it was breast cancer and it was spread in the third phase. Where can I take the courage to accept this?”

In order to prevent the cancer from spreading any further, her doctors immediately urged her to undergo surgery and chemotherapy to remove the cancerous cells. As time went by, Aime was devastated to see her bald and thin body, something she had never imagined she would look like especially as a pregnant woman. The mum also vividly remembers receiving strange looks from people and wondering if they pitied her, or admired her for her strength. 

mum breast cancer

Source: Aime Soon/Facebook

Finally, after two chemotherapy sessions, Aime’s doctor induced labour and she gave birth to her daughter at 36 weeks.

However, instead of celebrating the birth of her little one, Aime had to undergo yet another round of chemotherapy immediately after childbirth. She did not even get to do complete her confinement period. 

But Aime braved through the ordeal and now after four years of staying cancer-free, she and her daughter are happy and healthy. Aime hopes her story gives others the courage to face setbacks even when life brings you down. 

mum breast cancer

Source: Aime Soon/Facebook

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in Singapore today, with about 1,850 women diagnosed every year, and over 400 dying from the disease each year. But there are also countless brave mums who have survived cancer and are leading healthy lives.

So mums, to reduce the chances of breast cancer, do get a mammogram done at your nearest medical centre today. 

Thank you, Aime, for sharing your story. 

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Shreya Jagdish

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