Mum celebrates her stretch marks by recreating famous underwear ad

Mum celebrates her stretch marks by recreating famous underwear ad

In an absolutely stunning photoshoot, this mother challenged the media's idea of a perfect body by showcasing her stretch marks

Brenda DeRouen’s positive body photoshoot went viral recently. In the proud mother’s post, she was seen embracing her stretch marks as she recreated a famous Calvin Klein ad featuring Kendall Jenner.

The post, which has been encouraging mothers and netizens worldwide, has been proudly promoting the idea that nobody is perfect. Better yet, that we should all celebrate our imperfections by embracing them.

Brenda had her baby when she was 17 years old; she is now 26. During that nine year span, she struggled with a negative body image.

In a recent interview with TODAY, Brenda said “There are stretch marks on my stomach, and I hadn’t come to terms with that. I hadn’t embraced that part of myself. So I went on this little journey and I was like, you know, it’s time to get over it.”

In her quest to find her self-confidence, the mother and author of Oh! Brenda blog decided to team up with photographer Deun Ivory.

Together the two women from Houston created an enlightening and inspiring photoshoot. Take a look for yourself:

stretch marks 1

Source: Deun Ivory

“Our goal was basically to empower women to not be afraid to reveal themselves and embrace those features that society deems as imperfection. It was really organic — we put on Beyonce and Drake and it was just amazing,” photographer Deun Ivory told TODAY.

Brenda has learned a fair share about self-acceptance, body image, and being confident in her own skin: “The media has made it seem like you have to have the perfect body. You have to have abs and nice boobs and a big butt now. And in real life, there is no perfect person. There’s no person who looks like the people we see on TV. I don’t see those types of women. I see women who look like myself.”

stretch makrs 2

Source: Deun Ivory

The strong imagery from the photoshoot has motivated, empowered, and comforted mothers and women everywhere. Through powerful, moving campaigns of positive body image, people all around the world can learn to be comfortable in their own skin, despite the unrealistic portrayals of the human figure in the media.

“Confidence is the best accessory a girl can wear. That confidence and that energy — people will see that and notice it, and that’s what makes someone beautiful,” says DeRouen.

What do you think of Brenda DeRouen’s stunning photoshoot? Has it helped you to feel more confident with yourself?

Mum celebrates her stretch marks by recreating famous underwear ad

Image source: iStock

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