Kids' math app: MultiFlow reinvents how to multiply

Kids' math app: MultiFlow reinvents how to multiply

Tired of using flashcards to teach your kids their times tables? Check out MultiFlow, a kids' math app designed to re-imagine times tables in a new and helpful way. Read more to find out why this app is gaining so much popularity!

MultiFlow: Kids' app for reinventing times tables

Check out how MultiFlow app is reinventing the way to learn your times tables

Math is not something most people relish-spending time on, and this is even more evident where there is little or no interest in the subject. If your child is inclined to enjoy mathematical challenges, then you can consider yourself among the lucky few. (Normally, for kids math is one of the most difficult subjects to progress in.) As for the rest of us, we keep hoping and heavily relying on modern-day apps that will entice our kids to have fun while learning.

Exploring the app

The excitement and experience the kids’ math app, MultiFlow is said to provide is indeed an interesting area to explore. Having a multiplication game that is adaptive to your child’s individual capabilities is certainly beneficial, as there will not be any extra unnecessary pressure applied. Being able to explore this kids’ math app at his/her own pace is very important, as it’s crucial that your child doesn’t get bored even before he/she gives the kids’ math app a chance.

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No need for old school flashcards?

The tool used within the MultiFlow app does not include the old style flashcards, instead it uses other more innovative introductory images and graphics. MultiFlow helps your child master the multiplication tables faster and more effectively, while still ensuring it has the fun factor that keeps children entertained and challenged.

Another plus point that this kids’ math app has is the fact that a surprising amount of adults also seem to enjoy the MultiFlow. This is evident when they share their accomplishments on Facebook or Twitter. By the popularity this particular kids’ math app is able to garner, it clearly shows that any age group can enjoy their time with this learning tool. It’s great because it also gives you an easier way to encourage and entice your child to be interested in taking on the task of mastering multiplication tables. Sharing this challenge together would not only help to build a stronger bond between you and your child but, it will also have the added benefits of creating not one but two multiplication geniuses.

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MultiFlow: Kids' app for reinventing times tables

Check out how MultiFlow, a Kids’ math app, is reinventing times tables for children

Whose app is it anyways?

Parents and teachers alike praise this kids’ math app, for its ability to keep anyone and everyone keenly engaged. Age and mathematical competency does not seem to matter, as everyone enjoys exploring the MultiFlow. You too will be pleasantly surprised when your child is hooked on the multiplication exercises found in this amazing app.

Among the various modern learning techniques available today, the MultiFlow seems to be popular as it challenges all age groups to master multiplication. It makes you question: whose app is it anyways? Regardless of whom the app belongs to, many parents have been able to see almost immediate progress in their child’s multiplication skills. Imagine being able to multiply relatively large numbers in the blink of an eye, and at the cost of less than S$5! If nothing else, it will certainly impress your little one into wanting to emulate your brilliance. This in itself is a fun prospect, wouldn’t you say so?

Your child will not be easily bored with this kids’ math app, as it helps to challenge while gradually increasing the levels of difficulty. There are also tracking facilities to allow you to monitor your child’s progress so that quick analysis can be done, thus making intervention easy and only when necessary.

If you have this app, let us know what you and your kids think about it!

Here’s a sneak peek of this cool app that is sure to make your kids jump for joy:

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