Mother’s Day Special Giveaway: Win tickets to Giggles Playground worth $280!

Mother’s Day Special Giveaway: Win tickets to Giggles Playground worth $280!

Learning through Play has always been a cornerstone for [email protected] Stand to win tickets to Giggles Playground worth $280 this May!

“Learning through Play has always been a cornerstone for [email protected]

Giggles Playground is a Christian Enterprise striving to create an environment that promotes Love and Inclusiveness through Play. They aim to provide entertainment product suitable for all children, taking into consideration children with special needs as well. They strongly believe in the company’s core values, which are:

Faith – We believe strongly that every child has limitless potential and Play is important in the growth of the child’s early development. Through Play, it encourages communication, social skills and family bonding.

Hope – We want to bring Hope to parents to let them know that there is a place for them especially those who have special needs children. We want to build a community for parents where they can have fellowship with one another and children can play together promoting an accepting and inclusive environment.

Love – The cornerstone of the organization is built on Love. We strive to stay in Faith and walk in Love each day.

Gratitude – We believe in being thankful for all the things that we have. This allows us to be appreciative in every situation and thus able to give back to the community.

Compassion – We want to improve lives by being caring and compassionate to every life we touch.


Giggles Playground features unique and interesting play facilities such as Sona, Activity Tower, Snug play, Costume Corner, and a Sensorial wall. One of the most eye catching would be the Sona. It is a large orange arch structure which is an interactive playground system (the first if its kind in Asia). Under which, you could often find children engaged in various games that would help promote teamwork, problem-solving skills and develop reactive thinking, all while having good fun.

The Activity Tower is another great equipment suitable for children from 1 to 12 years old. The activities include a rock climbing wall, balancing bridge, vertical ladder, wave floor and O-ring, balancing beam, round bridge and slides. These would stimulate the five sense and aid in personal development of a child.

One lucky winner will walk away with 10 tickets (worth $28 each). That would mean many days of fun or awesome playdates with friends at Giggles Playground!

Win tickets to Giggles Playground worth $280 by clicking here!

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