Mother’s Day Special Giveaway: Win a Nivea Gift Set worth $210!

Mother’s Day Special Giveaway: Win a Nivea Gift Set worth $210!

NIVEA’s new serum deodorants are great for busy mums! Read on to find out more about this wonderful product and stand to win a $210 gift set from Nivea!

Nivea introduces the latest innovation in the beauty market – serum deodorants for your underarms and one of you lucky mum will be receiving it for our Mother’s Day giveaway! The first of their kind, these underarms saviours combine the superior skincare benefits of a serum with the refreshing benefits of a deodorant for a more confident, radiant you.

These handy heroes contains a higher concentration of active ingredients to nourish and protect skin while preventing body odour and offering ten times more whitening benefits. A joy to use, NIVEA’s new serum deodorants are also lightweight and get absorbed really quickly, just like a facial serum!

White & Firm Q10 serum roll-on

Why the new NIVEA serum deodorant is a must-have:

1st serum deodorant in the market

No more settling for normal deodorants – these serum deodorants get you ahead in the pursuit of fairer and great-smelling underarms with their advanced formulas.

Higher skincare efficacy

With superior formulations the new serum deodorants give you even greater skincare benefits than normal deodorants.


They are quick to absorb, and do not leave behind a sticky afterfeel, thanks to the micro emulsion formula.

10 times more whitening care

Formulated with ten times more Vitamin C, they brighten dark underarms, fiving you fairer and evenly toned skin.

nivea Spray_Extra white Serum

Brand new luxe packaging

They come in a premium design that is both chic and sleek. The spray bottle is slimmer than before, making control of application a breeze. It’s great for carrying with you on the go too!

The range comes in both spray and roll-on. The Extra White & Firm Q10 Serum Deodorant Roll-on (40 ml, $5.90) rejuvenates skin tone and brightens skin with liquorice extract. The Extra White Serum Deodorant Spray (100 ml, $10.90) and Roll-on (40ml, $5.90) both contains ten times more vitamin C (well-loved whitening ingredient); panthenol which helps skin retain water so it remains hydrated, giving underarms a smoother texture as well as help repair skin and soothe irritation caused by shaving or plucking; and avocado oil and glycerin to care for the skin and help soften it. Rich in antioxidants, avocado oil also stimulates collagen production – great for you mums.

Win a Nivea gift set worth $210 by clicking here!

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