How motherhood changed me: Perfection in Imperfection

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theAsianparent's Chief Editor shares her story on how being a mother has changed her...

how motherhood changed me

How motherhood changed me: Before becoming a mother, I strived to achieve perfection for (almost) everything in life.

In my 11 years as a magazine editor, my professional mantra has always been this: perfection is key. There is a lot of pressure—from the readers, advertisers and competitors — to consistently produce one perfect issue after another. From the cover to the inside pages, every little detail must be impeccable.

No mistakes in grammar, spelling and syntax? Check. Content is verified? Check. Seamless eye flow of layout? Check. Cover girl looks immaculate? After tweaking with Photoshop (yes, we use it and with much creative liberty), check! With tough competition and the magazine’s credibility constantly on the line, there’s certainly no room for flaws.

how motherhood changed me

How motherhood changed me: Learning that no matter how many lists I make, my daughter may have other ideas of her own!

And beyond the print product, it’s still all about donning the perfect veneer. As a member of the team responsible for the fantastic magazine covers, an editor has to look the part everywhere she goes. So before stepping out to attend the many events and client meetings I get invited to, again I have a checklist to tick off. Full makeup and polished hair? Check. Chic cocktail dress, covetable clutch, vertiginous heels? Check. Business cards and charming smile? Check!

For a decade I abided by these checklists. For a decade perfection in my work and public image was the goal. It gave me a specific sense of purpose, as well as security since I had control of the output. That was the case—until I became a mother.

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