Mother stabs 6-year-old son, says he deserved it...

Mother stabs 6-year-old son, says he deserved it...

The 6-year-old boy was reported to have run to a neighbor's house for help, saying that his mother had "just tried to kill him."

News of a mother who stabbed her son recently made the rounds in international news and on social media. What exactly caused this mum to do what she did, and why did she say that her son “deserved it”?

Mother who Stabbed Her Son: Why Did She Do It?

mother who stabbed her son

34-year-old Nemoria Villagomez allegedly stabbed her six-year-old son in cold blood.

Imagine the horror of Nemoria Villagomez’s neighbour when they found her small six-year-old son begging them for help. According to reports, the boy, dripping with blood, went to his neighbour for assistance, and said that his mother had “just tried to kill him.”

The neighbour quickly called 911 and kept the boy safe until paramedics arrived.

The boy was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital where he was then transferred to another facility when they discovered he had life-threatening injuries.

The horrific incident, which happened in Oregon in the USA, had people asking, “Why did she do it?”

Police charged her with assault and murder

Authorities arrested the 34-year-old mother who stabbed her son and charged her with assault, attempted murder, and aggravated murder.  

They discovered her lying on a bed in the master bedroom along with her 14-month old son. She had blood on her arms, legs, hands, and feet.

The suspect also attempted to strangle the child and forced him to “ingest methamphetamine,” authorities added. She also admitted to hurting her six-year-old son, and said that “he deserved it.”

Police are yet to find a motive to the suspect’s actions.

The six-year-old has now been declared as “out of harm’s way” and is currently recovering. He has now been released into state custody after the incident.

The suspect had previously been convicted of fourth-degree assault and spent 30 days in prison back in 2016. Currently, she’s being held at Lincoln County Jail with a bail of $1.1 million dollars.

We are very glad the little boy is okay now. While this incident happened far away from us, drug addiction (it is suspected that the mother might have an addiction) can be close to anyone. 

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with addiction, contact the National Addictions Management Service without delay. 


Source: Washington Post

Photo screencapped from: Facebook

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