Mother-Son Halloween Costumes: 13 Superb Ideas To Explore With Kids

Mother-Son Halloween Costumes: 13 Superb Ideas To Explore With Kids

Fashion inspo or spoil market? Either way, you win.

“Trick or treat?” — synonymous with the term Halloween that we all love. Yes, both children and adults. The popular holiday around the world — primarily in the western regions — is coming very soon this October 31st. Even if you might not celebrate it where you are, it’s always fun to do something exciting… like dressing your little ones up in Halloween-themed outfits! With that, we have compiled a list of mother son Halloween costumes that will definitely steal the limelight wherever you are. 

You ready?

mother son halloween costumes

13 Mother Son Halloween Costumes To Turn It Up This Halloween

1. Oh-S0-Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

“A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, the medicine go down…”

This ‘Mary Poppins’ inspired Halloween costume will definitely bring anyone who sees the mother-son duo, a spoonful of happiness and more! And coupled with the cutest penguin tuxedo/onesie.

Also, it’s more of a reason to celebrate Halloween with one of these mother son Halloween costumes because… the sequel to the musical fantasy, Mary Poppins Returns, is returning to the screen if you don’t already know.

2. Oishi!

mother son halloween costumes

(Photo: Wrap Your Baby)

Like a fresh piece of ebi nestled on a bed of rice — tucked so comfortably in the embrace of his mother. 

Besides, can you really bear to have a piece of me? 

DIY this cute outfit yourself if you can. Just don’t forget to throw in the seaweed. And the chopsticks.

3. Tooth Fairy With Little Handsome “tooth”

Well… doesn’t it look like the tooth fairy got what she’s wanted?

A beautiful, handsome tooth AND an adorable baby! It’s going to dazzle the crowd with its shine. 

For the hair, you can use a wig or if you’re feeling somewhat craft-y, whip out your shower cap and stick as many cotton balls as you can find. 

4. Bubbling Pot of R̶a̶m̶e̶n̶  Happiness

mother son halloween costumes

(Picture: Costume Works)

Okay mums, gather up all your wool strings. You need loads of them. They are the star ingredient, apart from your child. 

Stick them together and you’re good to go! If it’s too plain, season them to your liking; add little objects and badges and your bubbling pot of ramen is ready to be served!

P.S. Yes, we know there’s a dad included but that’s because this is too adorable! Are you with us, mums?

5. Spo(r)t ’em!

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Cruella and my Dalmatian ⚫️⚪️⚫️ His black nose didn’t last long 😂 #alloverhisface #happyhalloween #101dalmations

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Cruella and Dalmation. So classic, yet chic. 

For added comic effect, how about painting your little one’s nose black?

6. “Got Milk?”  

The ultimate combo — milk and cookies. What more can we say?

7. Beetlejuice-inspired

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Happy Halloween Friends & Family💀👻 #edenx #halloween #beetlejuicex3 #lydia #momandson #coolkid#chongo #missingtie

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Just so you know, Beetlejuice is known to a rambunctious spirit in the American comedy-fantasy film. Perfect for Halloween.

Mums, this is the time for you to experiment with those makeup skills you have. 

8. Poppin’ Fun With The Little One

A little sack of goodness that will send the crowd going “ooooh”. 

Definitely one of the cutest mother son halloween costumes! And a makeshift one, so you don’t need to worry if you can’t find a proper suit.

For the popcorn, you can grab your baby carrier and a handful of safety pins (or double-sided tape). 

Also, popcorns within grabs, how convenient.

9. Monkey See Monkey Do! 

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My little monkey is ready for trick-or-treating! #lularoeleggings #lularoedisneyvillains #lularoecarly

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This combination is fuss-free and looks so effortless!

For added comic effect, bring along some bananas while you go trick-or-treating. 

10. Batman

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Transform into superheroes with these Batman-inspired costumes for Halloween.

Just don’t forget the cape!

11. Want A Slice Of Me?

mother son halloween costumes

(Made by Carolyn. Picture: Costume Works)

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ slice of pizza?

This piece (no pun was intended) is created by Carolyn, named the ‘Mommy Pizza Pie and Baby Slice’ costume.

It’s extremely affordable to make. For full instructions, visit here.

Extra toppings pu-lease??

12. Box-Tumes

Taking creativity to a whole new level with this cute concept. Who would refuse kisses from this cute little one?

13. You’ll Never Go Wrong With Black

mother son halloween costumes

(Picture: Hello Fashion Blog)

Black will always look chic, no matter what. 

If face paint is what you’re into, go for it. 

We hope that this list of mother son Halloween costumes have brought smiles to your face. If you really don’t want to DIY or find them too fancy, you might want to consider these ugly Halloween Sweaters instead. Besides, they’re a thing now. 

Source: The Sun, People

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