13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

It’s Halloween, trick or treat... give us something good to eat! Need some inspiration for a spooktacular spread to impress your friends? We have 13 Halloween food ideas for you with a local twist.

Halloween may not be a typical Asian celebration, but that doesn’t mean we can’t join in the festive fun, dress up in scary costumes, and attend Halloween parties!

This annual celebration falls on 31st October when it is believed that ghosts and spirits are roaming around, so children will often take this opportunity to dress up in frightening masks and costumes and go trick-or-treating from door to door, asking for treats such as candy and chocolates.

If you've been invited to a Halloween party or are hosting one but you’re not sure what fearsome-themed food to feed your guests, here are 13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

Scary Puffs

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

You know what’s really scary? Forking out an outrageous amount of money for catered food which you can make yourself at the fraction of the cost! A favourite Singaporean teatime snack is the curry puff, which is a puff pastry normally filled with curried potatoes, chicken, beef and other savoury fillings.

Here is a recipe for you to create your own “Scary Puffs” from scratch so you can also mould the puff pastry into ghoulish little shapes which are sure to delight your guests!

Frog Eggs Stew

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

The name of this dish may sound gross, but we’re sure most of you are familiar with this Asian treat. Bubur Cha Cha is a amazingly fragrant dessert made with rich coconut milk, sweet potatoes, bananas, sago and other delicious goodies which are entirely up to your preference!

Keeping with the Halloween theme, we recommend you use pumpkins in this recipe as well as basil seeds which look like floating little frog eggs!

Dragon Eggs Salad

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

Century eggs, otherwise known as Hundred-year eggs, actually already have a pretty cool name in line with the whole Halloween theme. After going through a process of being preserved and cured, the egg whites will turn into a black gelatinous texture and the yolk becomes a strange hue of green.

This is not an uncommon food here in Singapore and is usually eaten with congee (rice porridge) or turned into a salad which is served as an appetiser or side dish.

We must admit they will look pretty wicked for your Halloween spread!

Toxic Toast

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

Looking for a simple snack suitable for toddlers and children? Try making these super easy Toxic Toasts for the little ones to tuck into before they go off trick-or-treating.

All you have to do is spread some pizza sauce on slices of bread (with the crusts cut off) and add a slice of cheese on top. Then to add a frightening touch to this dish, use a Halloween themed cookie cutter (skull, ghost, cat, pumpkin, witch, etc) to cut out scary shapes in the cheese before popping them into the oven for a quick toast.

Slime Pudding

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

As the saying goes, “There’s always room for jello!”. This a great dessert to make when you don’t have a lot of time to spare and need a quick dish to bring for that Halloween pot luck party you’ve been invited to.

Just get any green instant Jell-o pudding mix from the supermarkets, which come in different flavours such as green apple, lime, and pistachio - and simply follow the instructions on the box. You can even add in some chunky green fruit (such as grapes, apples, honey dew) or chewy gummy worms for that extra freaky look!

Crunchy Creepy Crawlies

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

Although not a usual Singaporean delicacy, these edible bamboo worms are a popular street food found in Northern Thailand and was originally introduced into the country’s cuisine by the Isaan people.

If you are daring enough to chow down on creepy crawlies, word has it that you might be able to find this unique snack at Golden Mile Complex (Beach Road), which is also known as Singapore’s very own “Little Thailand”.

They're not as bad as you think and actually have a pleasant nutty flavour!

Broken Teeth

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

If going door to door asking for candy while dressed up as a zombie or a dead cheerleader is not your cup of tea, why not stay at home and have a horror movie marathon with your friends instead?

And what is a great snack for movie nights? Popcorn of course! So here’s a list of creative ways to flavour your popcorn - or as we like to call them, “Broken Teeth”.

Just remember to watch out for those pesky unpopped kernels though, or you might really break a tooth!

Fruity Fiends

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

If you don’t want to deal with the mess that comes along with carving pumpkins for your Halloween decoration, try your hand at spooky fruit carving instead.

Apples and pears are easier to get here and a lot cheaper than pumpkins as well. All you need is a sharp knife and some imagination to create these scary little “Fruity Fiends” which are filled with Vitamin C for Creepy!

Muddy Cupcakes

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

Need a fun activity at your awesome Halloween party for the kids to entertain themselves? Try this tasty recipe for Milo cupcakes then give the children an assortment of gummies and other cupcake decorations for them to create their own “Muddy Cupcakes”.

Milo is a well-known chocolatey drink most of us grew up drinking every morning or in school - and it is probably still the beverage of choice for some of us until now!

Not only will you have a fun activity for the little ones on Halloween, this sweet treat also contains calcium, which is great for strong bones.

Grilled Kraken

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

Release the Kraken! Or shall we say, release the grilled sotong?

Go to any supermarket with a sushi deli section and pick yourself up some octopus tentacles for this frightfully tasty dish.

You can either boil or grill the octopus, and then slice it up into bite-sized pieces, but be sure to serve it with this fantastic Thai seafood dipping sauce for that extra kick!

Bloody Pasta

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

Ok, so pasta is not exactly considered “local”, but it certainly is a common dish we all eat nowadays.

So to incorporate it into your Halloween menu, try dyeing some spaghetti red with food colouring then serve it with thick and chunky tomato sauce.

To make sure that no vampires attack you when you’re least expecting it, be sure to add in lots of extra garlic as well.

Iced Skulls

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

Here’s a neat way to add a scary touch to your Halloween drinks – get a novelty ice cube tray and make some freaky little ice cubes in shapes of skulls, ghosts or eyeballs!

You can serve them in blood red rose syrup drinks, midnight black cola, or toxic green sugar cane juice.

Another idea is to freeze them in assorted colours as well by using different syrup drinks and add them to your drinks to brighten them up!

Haunted Dim Sums

13 Halloween food ideas with a local twist!

Do these tiny edible ghosts look familiar to you? That’s because they are actually money-bag wontons turned upside down!

These delicious little dumplings are usually filled with minced meat (chicken, pork, prawn, etc), water chestnuts, onions and garlic, then steamed or deep-fried.

If you add two little black sesame seeds for eyes or dot them on with food colouring, then you can easily turn this popular Chinese dish into a devilish treat for Halloween!   

Do you like our Halloween food ideas with a local twist? Which one of these recipes will you be trying out? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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