Mum Shares How Mother-in-law Used to Walk in and Watch Her Having Sex

Mum Shares How Mother-in-law Used to Walk in and Watch Her Having Sex

Once or twice by accident is understandable. But for two years. Two. Years!

woman on Reddit is sharing a story that is quite possibly more terrifying than any horror movie you'll see in theaters this month. According to the anonymous poster, she and her husband apparently have a peeping Tom while they're having, ahem, relations. And the worst part is, the dirty bird is none other than her mother-in-law. (WHAT?)

The pervy mother-in-law apparently started walking in on the couple doing the deed soon after they moved in with her.

mother in law walks in during sex

In fact, the poster claimed that it went on for the first two years of her marriage.

"She would walk into [our] bedroom and try [to] have a conversation with one of us while telling us to keep going," she added. 

And if that's not weird enough, then brace yourself, because it gets even cringier.

The couple was young when it started -- both were just 16 when they married, and were trying to save up for their own home when they decided to move in with the husband's mother.

"She creeped me out each time, because no matter how quiet we were or how spontaneous the fun time was, she always seemed to know," the poster continued. "I'm still convinced she had a hidden camera in his room but we never found it [we moved out two years ago]." (Shudder.)

And the lingering awkwardness still continues to this day.

"I still get nervous to this day whenever we go at it, in case she walks in," the woman wrote. "Even though we cut her off when our son was born."

Um, WOW ... there's a lot to unpack here.

People were losing their MINDS in the comments section, completely baffled over the mother-in-law's lack of boundaries.



"What in the actual heck did I read?!" one person wrote. "So sorry Original Poster! That’s plain gross and cringeworthy."

"Oh no. Oh no. OH NO," wrote someone else.

"What. The. [expletive]," a third person added. "So sorry you had to deal with that. That is so bizarre."

But in a wild turn of events, the OP wasn't alone in her nosy in-law drama.



"Oh god, mine does this too," one commenter admitted. "She’s normally quite loud and heavy footed with a chronic cough, so we can hear her walking around, but when we’re 'getting busy' she turns into a literal ninja and will just barge in with no warning. Then as we scramble to try and cover ourselves she just laughs and says, 'Don’t worry I’ve seen it all before!'”


"My mother-in-law would listen at the bedroom doors because we put a sliding lock on the door," another commenter shared. "His whole family didn’t understand the concept of knocking." 

And if that wasn't crazy enough, the same person also shared that their nosy mother-in-law would also listen in on her conversations.

"She found out I was pregnant by listening at the door while I was on the phone with my mom," the person shared. "She would listen to everyone have sex, she’s walked in on basically everyone at some point. I’m really glad we moved out four years ago." 
I think we can all agree that this kind of scenario calls for a serious conversation about boundaries -- or at the very least, a VERY good lock on the door. It may be too late for the poster, who claims that she and her husband have already cut off their mother-in-law. Hopefully, others facing the same awkwardness will say something sooner rather than later.

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