Mother forces teenage daughter into prostitution, gets arrested

Mother forces teenage daughter into prostitution, gets arrested

“The girl claimed that she was forced by her mother to have sex with a man."

A Malaysian mother has been arrested for shocking reasons - she was allegedly pimping her own teenage daughter.

Mother pushes teenage daughter into prostitution

The 30-year-old mother from Sarawak, Malaysia, apparently forced her daughter into prostitution, in a desperate attempt to pay off her debts. 

It was the village headman who brought the girl to report the matter to the police.

Sarawak CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Dev Kumar has been quoted by The Star Online as saying, “The mother had allegedly worked with a karaoke owner to sell her daughter in order to pay off debts." 

 According to SAC Dev, the girl revealed that she was raped three times by a man at a hotel, “The girl claimed that she was forced by her mother to have sex with a man."

“She also claimed that the man had paid the karaoke owner RM1,000 for her.” 

Both the karaoke owner, a woman, and the mother have been arrested by police.

Police are now searching for the man who forced himself on the girl, and SAC Dev has said, “We are now looking for the man who allegedly had sex with the girl. The case has been classified as rape.” 

We feel so sad for this young girl - if you can’t trust your own mother, who then can you trust?

Sexual abuse is a serious crime and can have many short and long term effects on a victim or survivor. This is how repeated abuse affects victims:

  • Depression and loss of self esteem: Abused children have trouble managing their emotions. They may feel isolated, act withdrawn, fearful, depressed, have low self-esteem, or engage in self-harm, like cutting.

In extreme cases, they might even contemplate or attempt suicide. Some kids become bullies and have problems managing their anger. 

Not only does the victim feel anger for the abuser, she may also feel angry with herself for failing to stop the abuse from happening. 

Many victims have nightmares or trouble sleeping.

They may encounter learning problems and find it difficult to focus. They may also feel worthless and damaged.

  • Relationship issues: Victims of abuse usually have trouble developing and maintaining relationships. They find it very difficult to love people or to know who is trustworthy.

As adults, they are unaware of what a good relationship is. They may even end up being fearful of other adults.

  • Troubled adult life: When abused or neglected children grow up, they are more likely to abuse their own families and use violence to solve their problems.

They are also prone to substance abuse like alcohol or drugs to numb out painful feelings.

(Source: The Star Online)

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