Singapore mum chided for breastfeeding in restaurant

Singapore mum chided for breastfeeding in restaurant

An employee at COCA restaurant allegedly scolded a Singaporean mum for breastfeeding in public. Click here for the full story.

breastfeeding in public

Mother chided for breastfeeding in a restaurant

An employee at the Coca restaurant at Resorts World Singapore allegedly scolded a mother who was breastfeeding her baby, then proceeded to cover the baby with a dirty jacket and stated that breastfeeding in public was not allowed in Singapore.

The seemingly unfair treatment of the mother by Coca restaurant was shocking to mothers across the island.

breastfeeding in public


The mother of two had gone to Coca restaurant to enjoy a lunch in the company of her family, on the 27th of July. Yu had to breastfeed her baby as per her schedule. She was discretely breastfeeding her baby away from the other guests at the restaurant. The other Coca restaurant-goers didn’t seem to have an issue with this, in fact they seemed not to have noticed.

Yu’s breastfeeding in public came to the attention of an employee of the restaurant. She was angrily approached by the employee and was told her that breastfeeding in public is against the law in Singapore, and that several people were photographing her while she was breastfeeding.

According to the mother of two, no one was photographing her. The employee was lying about this out of spite and there was really no reason to do so. The disrespect towards the mother and her baby was shocking.

The entire experience irritated her and her family greatly. She said that the way COCA restaurant treated her and her family was extremely unpleasant, and she never wishes to return to this restaurant.

How do you feel about this incident? Have you ever breastfed your child in public? Did you get the same treatment? Please share your comments with us below!

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