7 things more painful than childbirth according to mums

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Because every woman has different pain thresholds, what may he a painful childbirth for one may not be the case for another.

Because every woman has different pain thresholds, what may have been an extremely painful childbirth for one may not be the case for another. Although there’s no mistaking the fact that childbirth is indeed a painful experience, there are some mums who believe that there are other things that are more painful.

In a WJBD’s afternoon show blog, women who have had at least one child shared with the news channel the seven things they found to be more painful than birthing a human into the world.

1. Kidney stones

Describing the pain as though she was being stabbed in the side with a hot knife over and over again, one woman claimed that she wasn’t able to talk and even went temporarily blind from the pain she experienced when she had kidney stones.

2. Toothache

For some people, a toothache may not seem all that terrible. They’re constant pain, yes, but not earth-shatteringly painful. But one mother begs to differ. She even claimed that a toothache she once experienced was worse than giving birth.

3. Broken ribs

One mother claimed that it’s not the pain itself, but all the other things that make the condition worse. For example, with a broken rib, every intake of breath sends a sharp pang of pain in one’s chest. For this very reason, she said she’d endure the pain from giving birth.

4. A bad migraine

There are terrible migraines that can last up to hours and are so painful that they render people unconscious. Not only that, cluster headaches are also equally painful and unpleasant.

5. Gout

Gout causes a swelling in the joints, and as a result a burning sensation around the affected areas. In fact, in a recent survey, researchers found that more than two-thirds of people said the pain they experienced from gout was the worst pain they've ever experienced.

6. Trigeminal neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is a condition when the nerve in the side of the head gets inflamed, causing a stabbing pain in the region. Although it’s rare, there’s no cure for it and some some people consider suicide just to escape the pain.

7. Third-degree burns

Although the burn itself may not be that painful, getting skin grafts, new bandages, and washing the burned skin can actually be more painful.


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