Don't miss! Monkey Goes West is back in Singapore!

Don't miss! Monkey Goes West is back in Singapore!

School holidays just got more exciting with the return of the rip roaring musical, Monkey Goes West. Check out our review of this truly Singaporean production.

Guess what, W!ld Rice's award-winning pantomime, Monkey Goes West is back in Singapore, on popular demand. Monkey Goes West is a musical ode to the beloved Chinese classic, Journey to the West, that mixes up fantasy elements and modern day Singapore into a delightful cocktail that leaves you wanting more!

The story

Orphan Ah Tang runs away from home after quarrelling with his adoptive family, only to find himself transported to a strange, new land. He ends up being 'Master' to Wukong, the cheeky Monkey King; Pigsy, a brave but perennially-hungry warrior; and Sandy, a stubborn but loyal river ogre.

Together, they embark on the journey of a lifetime, encountering monsters and obstacles in their path aplenty. Will the fearless four discover their true calling? Will Ah Tang finally get to meet his mother? Watch the show to find out.


What works

  • It does not get any more Singaporean than this, lah! That's right, not only is Singlish thrown in for good measure, you also get to hear some local Singaporean jokes.
  • Expect some gorgeously choreographed dance performances. Kids will be delighted to watch other young talents showing off their martial arts and dance skills on stage.
  • Very well acted. Some actors doubled up as more than one actor and it was really quite impossible to make out.
  • The sets and production values are top notch. It was amazing to watch set changes being made in just a couple of minutes.
  • There was ample interaction with the audience. The kiddos, in particular, seemed thrilled on being 'consulted' for their valuable advice on how to deal with monsters. At one point 'Pigsy' ran through the audience, much to the delight of the little ones.


What doesn't

  • For a show that prides itself on being kid friendly, there were far too many double entendre jokes. A pity, really, considering that most of them were unwarranted and hardly funny.
  • We felt that Act 2 was quite tame, and a bit of a drag, when compared to the super rollicking Act 1.

A must-watch for the family

Still, the hits far outnumber the misses, and this show deserves a watch, just for the visual spectacle that it puts up,and the fine performances from the lead actors.

So, this school holidays, wean your child from the clutches of the Internet and television, and go watch this truly Singaporean production. Trust us, you will not regret it.

Show Dates         : 18 November – 17 December

Ticketing Agent   : SISTIC

Ticket Prices        : S$50 – S$75 (Tue, Wed & Thu 7.30pm)

                                S$55 – S$80 (Fri & Sat 7.30pm, Sat & Sun 2.30pm)

                                Prices exclude $4 SISTIC handling fee

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