Moments to cherish

Moments to cherish

Jacqueline Tan shares her labour story with us.

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In her own words: 38 weeks, having cramps decided to go to the doc and have him check as previous follow-up was that my baby is in position and at a suitable weight and gyne recommended to slow down baby's weight gain as labour is gonna be difficult if baby goes beyond 4kg....Monday, March 8, 2010 morning @ abt 9.30am went for check at my gyne.. Doc: Everything looks fine and actually you can check into the hospital tonite and I'll induce the baby for you if you like.

ME: Already....okie let me go home and pack some stuff....

Went home and start packing, had craving for Nasi Brani and last meal before I start eating confinement food everyday.

Took a shower, watch TV...getting pretty excited to meet my baby 10.30pm took a cab and made our way to TMC...checked abt 12am, Doc came and place the medication in me...Hubby secretly stayed in the hospital with me the whole nite...

Tuesday, March, 9 2010, 8am..Nurse came and brought me down to the waiting room...did routines and at 10am, Doc came, broke my water bag..and thats the start of serious contractions....Refused Epidural but had gas instead to ease the pain...threw up a few times cuz of the gas...11.30am...doc came back....5cm dilated...12.45pm...doc came and check again...Ready for birth...was pushed into Labour theatre....Doc was in next room with another lady who is giving birth...Contractions extreme....feels that baby is coming out...

Nurse: Don't push okie...we dun want you to have a tear.....15mins later....Me screaming: Where's the's coming i can feel him....Nurse...Oh dear...I can see the hair already....Ok relax gal...doc is coming...!! Just then the doc step in...Wow so fast....once doc sat down in front of me there comes the in the spilt second....Doc asked hubby to cut the umbical cord...Hubby was like NO nO NO NO...lolz...he was afraid to hurt the baby and doc cut it....There he was our sweet boy born on 9 March baby shares the same birthday as grandma....

I thank god for the smooth and pretty easy labour....There you are our lovely sweet boy at 9 months....

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